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Want to experience better business insurance claims? Find out why brokers are key

14 April 2021

Having an insurance broker advise, guide or manage the claims process is closely linked to satisfaction with the experience, according to a recent report based on a survey of Australian small businesses. This trend has strengthened over the past few years in parallel with the hardening insurance market and greater claims scrutiny by insurers. We look at some of the factors involved.

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5 essential business risk guidelines for safely managing contractors

08 April 2021

If your business uses contractors to carry out services for you or on your behalf, this guide for employing and managing them to avoid potential exposures is designed to help you create an effective contractor management framework to reduce your business risks, as defined by our insurance partner Vero.

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Implications of cyber breaches for company boards of directors

01 April 2021

Our Top Cyber Risks for the Board of Directors webinar presented by Robyn Adcock and Michael Herron delivers in-depth insights into the consequences of cyber breaches for affected businesses' executive management.

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3 steps to protecting your investment in business assets and stock

30 March 2021

For most businesses there’s an array of moving parts behind your brand name: logistics that enable you to run your operations and service your customers. It would be difficult to sustain your business without them, which is why you want to make sure these assets are adequately protected.

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The keys to SME satisfaction with business insurance – new survey results

24 March 2021

This is the 10th year of the Vero SME Insurance Index and the insurer has highlighted some long-term trends, as well as reflections from small to medium businesses on their risks and insurance during 2020, including adjustments to of their insurance cover in response to the pandemic. Here we review some of the key findings.

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Avoid shutdown losses if your machinery or equipment fails

23 March 2021

Almost every business relies on equipment, from desktop computers through to refrigeration, manufacturing plant and heavy machinery. They’re essential tools and if they’re not working then we can’t either. Businesses need contingency for these risks, and that’s what machinery and equipment breakdown insurance is for.

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Emergency warning: flood conditions in parts of NSW

22 March 2021

Parts of New South Wales from the Mid-North Coast to the metro area and across the Mid-North Coast are under emergency conditions as flooding in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River system has reached levels not seen since 1961.

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Risks to miners increasing with rising resources nationalism

19 March 2021

The mining industry is likely to bear the brunt of rising nationalism in countries with economies reliant on their resources, according to a report by global risk analyst Verisk Maplecroft. The report cites 34 countries where resource nationalism has surged, with cost implications for mining companies.

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COVID-19 food and beverage production industrial contamination: response and protocols

16 March 2021

Australia's meat and poultry food production sector is regarded as essential to the nation’s wellbeing by the country’s federal and state governments. During the ongoing pandemic meat products continue to be in high demand and to maintain continuous supply food production companies need to be confident they can prevent and mitigate any contamination threats.

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Work safety for ‘gig’ economy employees – changes ahead

12 March 2021

The disruptions caused by the growth of the gig economy enabled free enterprise and offered new service options but has also served to deregulate some industries and remove standard protections. Recently government focus has turned to protecting the safety and wellbeing of gig employees, with significant implications for some Australian employers.

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Gallagher Workplace Risk team gains iCare honour for client business safety transformation

10 March 2021

The Gallagher Workplace Risk team has been honoured by iCare for the 3rd consecutive year. The Industry Champions 2020 recognition awards the work and achievements of the honourees in an extremely challenging year.

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International Women's Day: women's football stars Choose to Challenge

08 March 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day and its 2021 theme Choose to Challenge we chat to Joanna Charaktis, an assistant referee in the Westfield W-League, and star player Emma Checker who plays for Melbourne City FC and the Westfield Matildas. Gallagher is a proud sponsor of the Australian A-League and Westfield W-League, and the official referee partner and insurance broker for the...

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Major business risk management priorities refocus on continuity and supply chains

05 March 2021

As the world continues to grapple with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses globally and in Australia 'a COVID trio' of key, interrelated risks has emerged, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2021.

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Give your leadership team peace of mind with these 3 business insurance essentials

01 March 2021

Every business has people who are indispensable to running your operations so it’s important to have protections in place that support them in their roles and provide for the unpredictable. Here are our top 3 insurance essentials that are key to every business owner effectively taking care of their most valuable assets.

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5 key ways for transport businesses to get the most out of your insurance broker

25 February 2021

Transport and logistics operators can really benefit from working with an insurance broker who understands the industry and their specific business’s risks ‒ so if your relationship with your broker is limited you may want to rethink before you renew your insurance cover.

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Gallagher earns World’s Most Ethical honour for 10th year

24 February 2021

Gallagher is extremely proud to have been recognised as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by global arbiter Ethisphere for the 10th consecutive year. We are the only insurance broker in the world to have received this honour. 

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Managing workplace fire risk: essentials businesses need to know

18 February 2021

The use of heat in workplace processes raises the risk of fire, explosions or the generation of dangerous fumes – which can affect people, property and the surrounding environment, so a formalised safety process is essential. The following information is based on a comprehensive explanation of the need for hot work permits by our insurance partner QBE.

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Beware of malware bypassing or tricking your business anti-virus software

17 February 2021

Many businesses rely on their anti-virus software for protection against cyber criminals or hackers, but did you know that some malware (malicious software) can still enter your technology and computer systems undetected? Understanding how the threat can slip past security measures helps you know what to look for and how to protect your business.

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Insurance for green energy company gained via multi-insurer collaboration

15 February 2021

Getting cover for an unusual energy start-up in risk averse insurance market conditions calls for fresh ideas, so a multi-disciplinary Gallagher team pooled their creative abilities to pave the way to a successful outcome. Here’s how Zoom technology contributed to overcoming the capacity challenge and obtaining more competitive pricing.

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Exo technology potential to reduce workplace injury and disability claims

12 February 2021

The ability to give people more than human powers has long been a topic of science fiction, as well as real life research. The combination of robotics with wearable devices has given rise to exo technology, now being used to boost productivity in heavy industry but which also offers the capacity to limit harm and assist in recovery from injury. The Gallagher Workplace Risk team has been...

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