16 February 2017

Seeing the value: AJG claims team share their success stories

claims advocacy guide 2017

Claims are often the forgotten part of the insurance journey. But for brokers, claims give us the opportunity to make a difference and really provide value for our clients. It's the shopfront of our business, and it's where we can prove the merit of our products and risk management advice. 

Our Claims team have so many great stories that give you a feel for how we're doing business and where we go the extra mile. These are stories of hard work and dedication, but they're also stories of our:

  • Working relationships with insurance partners;
  • Local, national and international claims advocacy and support;
  • Ability to translate complex claims into something clients can readily understand and respond to; and
  • Determination to do the right thing for our cilent.

We've collected some of our favourite stories to show you how (and where) we make a difference in our Claims Advocacy Guide 2017. I hope you enjoy them and get the same sense of pride from them that I do. 

Click here to download the Claims Advocacy Guide 2017.