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Brisbane move benefits schools in need

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When Brisbane account executive Mia Hepi received a Gallagher internal email telling staff that computer equipment not needed for the office move was up for grabs, she knew exactly who might be interested in grabbing it.

thumbnail computers for schools2Mia’s client Robin Jaggessar, Head of College of InTech Institute of Technology, supports schools in need in both Australia and overseas by giving them donated equipment. InTech provides training to overseas students to help them prepare for schooling or employment in Australia. Robin is also a board member of another of Mia’s client organisations, the Indian Federation of Queensland, which also helps schools.

During conversation with Mia he had told her these schools were in need of desktop computers, so when she received the message about the surplus office equipment she saw an opportunity to help out.

“Sharing with Robin about our 90,000 volunteer hours 2018 global initiative helped me to develop a connection with him as a client and learn about his charity initiatives,” Mia says, “and that led to Gallagher being able to support them.”

Mia approached her business operations manager Leisa Hume and explained how her clients could benefit from recycled Gallagher equipment. “She was totally behind the idea,” Mia says. Leisa then contacted Facilities Manager, Operations, Paul Lemieszek to progress the donation.

computers for schoolsWorking with Senior Technical Analyst – Infrastructure Services Liam O’Donnell (pictured, right, with Mia, left), Michelle Vella and the IT team, the Gallagher Toowong and Mary Street offices in Brisbane collected

  • 260 monitors
  • 135 keyboards and mice
  • 200 patch leads of various sizes
  • 130 Cisco phones
  • 2 universal power supplies
  • 1 server.

These were all packed up and delivered to Robin for donation to an Indigenous school in Northern New South Wales as well as sending about 30 machines to schools in India.

He was delighted. “Thank you very much for the kind donation of equipment,” he wrote. “We are overwhelmed by your generosity.”

“It gave me and the team great pleasure to be able to donate our IT equipment to help education of the younger generation,” Mia says. “This demonstrates the Gallagher Way as we are a warm, close company. We care! Thank you, everybody.”

Robin still needs central processing units (CPUs) to go with the monitors, and Gallagher IT is identifying further equipment that may be available for recycling to these schools.

Our shared commitment

Read more about how Gallagher honours our 90+-year commitment to supporting the communities where we operate in our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which features two of Gallagher Australia's volunteering programs.

The Gallagher Way in action


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