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Gallagher career snapshots: Angela Vella ‒ building success in construction

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To celebrate International Women’s Day Gallagher is focusing on our female talent and their achievements. Today we introduce Gallagher Practice Leader – Construction Angela Vella.

Gallagher's Angela Vella2Angela juggles a full-time role with qualifying as a project or contracts manager in the building industry. She is one of those busy people who always finds time to go the extra distance, such as running a construction insurance and claims management workshop and facilitating other events at the 2019 Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers CPD seminar, at the invitation of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF).

Future ambitions?

My career to date has been exciting and rewarding. I really enjoy working with clients, and I really enjoy managing a team and running the business responsibilities involved in my portfolio. Gallagher is an amazing organisation that encourages career path development for everyone to enable success for us and our clients.

What lights your fire?

Helping people. It sounds simple, but it really does form the basis of what drives me. I get excited when I can see that we’re adding real value to the day to day business of our clients. To follow the mantra: “The more we contribute to your success, the more we contribute to our own”. I love that and I really believe in it. We’re here to solve problems for clients and I enjoy working with our clients on each new challenge.

What are your challenges?

Work-life balance is always a challenge. Saying no to people is also a challenge which makes work-life balance more difficult! But I wouldn’t do the work if I didn’t enjoy it.

What is your support framework?

My support framework definitely hinges on my partner. The strength and encouragement I receive on a daily basis keeps me moving forward with a positive outlook. And that is supported by some of my peers who I’m also very lucky to call friends. Having a support network of people who really understand the challenges is important. And they’re always ready to pick up the phone and just listen.

Your career crossroads moment?

Four years ago I was in discussions with a Tier 1 contractor to leave broking and go to work in-house for them as a risk and insurance manager. I decided to stay in broking and only last week I found out that the business is up for sale. Staying in broking gave me the opportunity to come to Gallagher and start to build the platform for a really successful construction career. So it all worked out in the end!

Whether you are an industry veteran or looking for a change of path, Gallagher could be the right place for you. 

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