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Gallagher hailstorm catastrophe response

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The severe hailstorms that battered Sydney and the New South Wales Central Coast on Thursday 20 December have caused widespread damage and generated a huge number of insurance claims inquiries. Here’s what our Gallagher clients can expect.

In what has been classified as a ‘catastrophic’ event by the Insurance Council of Australia, four large storm cells dropped hailstones as big as tennis balls on Sydney’s upper north shore, the CBD, inner west, the Central Coast and scattered areas as distant as Lithgow.

Homes in northern areas lost power and the State Emergency Services are dealing with a backlog of calls. Gallagher is responding to the influx of insurance claims so that we are best able to deal with the volume of demand over the festive season.

Adam Squire blog“Our national claims team pools together as one resource in these situations and this is what we are doing today,” says Gallagher Head of Claims Adam Squire.

“Where our claims staff people are able to defer their Christmas holiday plans we will work with them to ensure we increase our skeleton crew for the expected busy next few weeks.”

Essential contacts

to lodge claims or make their claim inquiries.

The volume of demand means that phone lines are likely to be queued and we ask for your patience. Otherwise, especially if your claim is not urgent, consider emailing instead. It's important to lodge a claim with the insurer as soon as possible. 

Expected response times

Insurers will prioritise claims processing based on the severity of loss and risk to public and individual safety so please keep your expectations realistic. All claims will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Contact our 24/7 claims 1800 254 287


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