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New Gallagher report reveals biggest emerging risks for marine businesses

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A new report, published by Gallagher, has revealed the biggest risks facing the marine industry - and is available as a free download.

The report outlines the five biggest emerging risk areas for the industry to watch for over the coming years and gives businesses helpful advice on how to mitigate these risks and the impact they could have if left unchecked.

The topics covers risks related to:

  • Cyber exposures
  • Cargo accumulation
  • Human capital
  • Climate change
  • Geopolitical risks

Teena Mathews, Marine Account Manager at Gallagher, said that the report provides a source of information for marine businesses as they grapple with changing global dynamics but speaking to a specialist marine broker is still important.

“It is key for the broker to understand and listen to the client’s business requirements first before identifying where the exposures lie,” Mathews said.

“You need to tailor the solution for the client. It is not just the selling of insurance cover point, the rapport and trust needs to be built in due course.”

You can view Mathews' insights in a short video interview below.

Get hold of a free copy of the report using the button below.

Download your  marine risk report



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