10 June 2015

Has your enterprise suspended trading? Here's how to maintain business income

Business income (BI) insurance looks at the level your business was trading at before an event that forces closure (such as a flood or bush fire) and can cover the resultant financial gap.

5 ways business income can protect your enterprise

Following an enforced closure, business income cover can 

  1. keep paying your bills
  2. your rent, leases for equipment and vehicles
  3. wages for your employees so that they continue receiving a paycheck while your business recovers
  4. help you to relocate to a new premises
  5. expedite moving equipment or hiring power generators to keep you going.

business interruption insurance

Many business that do not take out business interruption insurance may struggle to stay in business due to losing customers while they were recovering from the loss or they get behind in paying their bills while their business is unable to perform to its normal capacity. 

So for businesses of any type, while this is not the only answer to managing the range of risks you face, business interruption insurance is a key part of the mix.

We're here to help

As your insurance broker, we can help to mitigate your risks and minimise what can be a significant financial impact on your business, should the unexpected happen.Talk to one of our brokers who can review and update your policies, and discuss how to get the business income protection insurance you need on the optimal terms for your situation.

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