19 September 2018

Celebrating National Family Business Day

September 19 is National Family Business Day – a day to celebrate the contribution family businesses make to the Australian economy, community and culture. And as a family business itself, Gallagher is firmly behind the initiative.

Gallagher’s Family Business Client Manager, Roz Shaw, spent more than 30 years in her fourth generation family business, Hawkins Family Group, before joining Gallagher in July 2018.

Roz has supported Family Business Australia (FBA) as a member and a Committee member for many years, and lead the Gallagher team at the FBA Conference in Alice Springs last week, where we were amongst the exhibitors. She outlines the event highlights and why family businesses matter.

“I was very proud to be part of Family Business Australia’s 20th annual conference in Alice Springs, which was a tremendous celebration of all that is good about the family business sector in Australia. I’d go as far as to say this was the best FBA Conference yet!

“I’ve been to the past 12 or 13 of these conferences as an FBA member and also as Chair of the QLD Committee, but is the first one I’ve been to in my new role at Gallagher. It’s always great to catch up with old friends at events such as these, but this is an event with a difference because family businesses are unique – and that’s something my colleagues at Gallagher quickly picked up on.

Family business association Gallagher

Roz, second right, with Gallagher colleagues at the 2018 FBA Conference

“When you’re part of a family business there is a lot of emotion involved. Decisions are made with the head and the heart, and relationships with family members are often much more complex than the standard relationships between business colleagues because you know the people so well on so many levels.

Family businesses are also vital to our economy. And that’s why it’s such a rewarding experience for me in my new role to be in a position to help protect family businesses, and all they do in support of their communities, through insurance and risk management advice.

“Sounds boring? It’s not at all. I’ve learned numerous times throughout my career at Hawkins Family Group that having the right type and levels of insurance is absolutely crucial. It can even make the difference between bouncing back from unforeseen events and having to close doors for good.

Gallagher is absolutely committed to supporting family businesses, and indeed just ahead of the conference signed a three-year agreement as a National Gold Sponsor to FBA. Although we’re one of the world’s largest insurance broking companies, Gallagher started out as a family business in 1927 – and more than 20 members of the Gallagher family work for the business across the world.

“Coming from a family business myself I can attest that the ‘family feel’ across Gallagher and it was my great pleasure to introduce the business to so many FBA members last week.

“To those I met, stay in touch! And if you ever need advice on the right insurance for your business, do reach out. Our team of family business insurance experts is here to help.”

Should you wish to directly discuss any aspect of your business's insurance and risk management needs, contact Roz Shaw, on 0418 739 272 or email her directly. Alternatively request further information on our services here.

Find out more about our services for   Family Business Australia members here

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