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Gallagher career snapshot: Monique Trautwein ‒ improving customer experience

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Introducing Senior Claims Executive Monique Trautwein who has been selected for the Gallagher Australia Rising Stars program that identifies talented employees and fast-tracks their career progress.

Monique TrautweinMonique’s multifaceted role includes advocating for clients on their claims from grass roots sports level all the way to professional athletes and peak national sporting bodies for the Gallagher sports specialism, and working in the Claims Improvement team to provide clients with a tailored, streamlined experience.

Future ambitions?

I’ve always loved working in the claims space. Clients come to us when things are just going wrong and they need help. Being able to go in to bat for them and make a difference is really rewarding. In the last few years there has been a shift in expectation levels by clients of what those experiences should be, so I see my future in focusing on this and eventually a leadership role that focuses on customer experience.

What lights your fire?

The last year and a half has been a steep learning curve but I love learning. Expanding my operational understanding of the business and being in a position to affect change has been really rewarding. Recently I was accepted into Gallagher Australia’s inaugural Rising Stars program. While such opportunities have been hard earned, being afforded the chance to participate in a program designed to help Gallagher innovate is very exciting.

What are your challenges?

I’m always balancing things, it’s the nature of having a split role working on different projects. However, it can be challenging to keep that energy up when different and conflicting priorities are involved.

What is your support framework?

I’m very lucky to have different people in my support network to lean on for different reasons. My family, in particular my husband, are wonderful for providing perspective and, while he works in a substantially different industry, he shares his experience and thought processes around continued improvement, which I can then adapt to my role.

At work I have a number of colleagues who always make time to help expand my technical expertise. I’ve worked closely with my manager over the last year to expand my awareness of possibilities and resources available for problem solving at work.  

Your career crossroads moment?

A year and a half ago my husband got offered an amazing opportunity but it meant we’d have to say goodbye to Melbourne and move back to Sydney. I’d been working for Gallagher for about a year and a half, had been promoted to my third role within the claims team and was very happy with my personal and professional life. The idea of moving states and finding a new job was not what I wanted at all.

After advising my manager she called our Head of Claims. His response was that I could work out of our Sydney office temporarily and they’d find me something permanent. Having management work to make it work so that they could keep me reaffirmed I was working for the right company. When I moved up to Sydney they created a role which I adore

Whether you are an industry veteran or looking for a change of path, Gallagher could be the right place for you. 

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