15 July 2019

Gallagher Melbourne and Mulgrave take the Ice Bucket Challenge to FightMND

Those intrepid Victorians are living the spirit of the Gallagher Way to raise funds to FightMND again in 2019 when 17 of their toughest volunteered for an icy drenching.

thumbnail -2019 ice bucket challenge 32-1The East Melbourne Challenge on 5 July combined the Mulgrave event on the 4th achieved a grand total of $4270 for the motor neurone disease cause, with Sean Gallagher personally doubling the highest individual donation.

Organiser Fiona Daniher has a personal reason for being involved: her brother Neale, who has the degenerative condition, founded the organisation. Every day an average of two Australians are diagnosed with MND and another two die from it. To date there is no cure, no effective treatment and the cause is unknown. The funds raised contribute to research, providing assistance and equipment, and improving awareness.

The Melbourne Challenge took place on the roof of the office where the purposed-designed throne was installed, with ample reserves of ice cubes and water. The Melbourne Challengers pictured (left to right) were Mike Mier, Emma O’Meara, Anthony Bobanac, Casey Caldera, Cindy Kocovic, Raymond Liu, Sue O’Brien, Brendon Kropp, Cameron Laing, Robert Khouri, Andrew Whittle, as well as Ben Giddings.

The Mulgrave contingent included Casey Caldera, Christine Osborne, Amy Contarino, Brenna Shirtcliff, Brandon Mather and Sean Rosetti.

For the more faint of heart there was – and still is – merchandise available in the form of caps, visors and stubby holders. Contact Monique Napoli at Monique.Napoli@ajg.com.au if you would like to add your support.

Congratulations, Ice Bucket Challengers 2019! We salute your cool nerve and warm hearts!

Watch the chilling video highlights here.

The Gallagher Way in action

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