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Gallagher report discusses biggest transport risks

September 27, 2019

Talent shortages represent the biggest risks facing the transport industry, according to a Gallagher specialist.

Roz Shaw (2)Talent shortages, particularly in the truck driving industry, represent one of the biggest challenges the transport industry faces, a Gallagher specialist has said in an article in the most recent Gallagher Market Overview Report..

Roz Shaw, National Head of Transport at Gallagher, said that skills shortage in the truck driving industry are a concern for transport firms now that may well grow in the future.

“It is no secret that the transport industry faces a skilled driver shortage which is reaching crisis stage in the trucking sector,” Shaw said in the latest Gallagher Market Overview Report.

“There may be drivers ready and willing to take on a role in the industry, but without experience it is increasingly difficult to secure a position, and secure insurance cover for owners and operators.”

Transport operators should look to work alongside their brokers to secure insurance coverage for younger drivers on specific routes and in specific vehicles, Shaw continued.

“Insurers will ask for set levels of experience before drivers embark on more challenging routes or in bigger vehicles, but are happy to set up exclusions to give younger drivers the experience they need to progress in their career.

“It simply takes an experienced broker to find the right level of cover to make sure your business can continue to grow and younger drivers can build their careers.”

See Sarah Lyons, Chief Executive – Australia,  and Steve White, Head of Marketing & Communications, APAC, introduce the report here. 


How to access our first half-year 2019 Market Overview Report

Access the full report here. This digital version also has a full PDF version available for download and printing.

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