25 October 2019

Gallagher Rising Stars: meet Dominic Pearl

The Gallagher Chief Executive Rising Stars Program for 2019 is aimed at nurturing skills development and fast-tracking the careers of promising staff members through a combination of workshops and practical hands-on challenges to solve business problems.

In line with an appetite to be on the cutting edge of emerging risks – and with a generous serve of old-school manners and charm – Dominic Pearl is able to converse with clients across a changing industry sector, and aptly educate and support them through their insurance and risk management needs.

"This and his work ethic, desire to learn, refine his craft and service his clients are key attributes for a long and prosperous career in insurance broking," his manager Christine Osborne says.

How long have you been with Gallagher?

I've been with Gallagher 18 months.

What’s your background?

I studied engineering because I loved maths at high school, however, I found that I didn’t want to be an engineer. A family friend was an insurance broker and I gathered that It was a sunrise industry and one that offered lots of opportunity, so I decided to start working for an insurer. My first job was assisting clients with policies over the phone. This was when I started looking into policy details and understanding insurance as a product.

I was fortunate enough to become a team leader and then soon after was given the opportunity to move to Melbourne for a couple of years as an account manager, managing the distribution of insurance with one of their key partners. I was referred to Gallagher by a current team leader here in Brisbane.

What is the scope of your current role?

I now hold a Tier 1 broker certification and I’m completing my diploma. I’m especially interested in finding solutions for clients. My current role involves providing insurance placement and risk management advice, and I have a particular passion for making the insurance process as easy as possible for my clients ‒ where possible I send a single renewal document, for example, instead of several attachments ‒ and ensuring clients have an appropriate program for their needs.

How did you come to be part of the Rising Stars program?

I applied after hearing of the program on an all-business call and seeing a company-wide email from the director of HR soon after.

What particularly earned you recognition: activities, projects?

I'd say it was my insatiable thirst to improve my product/industry knowledge and the client experience, interpreting what insurance represents from a technical point of view and communicating that in a way that gives the client confidence: acting as a conduit between the client and the product. I’ve been fortunate enough to have great support from my manager and Gallagher with this.

How is the program contributing to your career and skills development?

The program has given me a chance to  chat with executives informally about their career journeys. From that I’ve learned that insurance can be quite fluid and includes people from all walks of life. It was also an opportunity to work more closely with colleagues all around the country in all areas of the business.

What has been your most valuable learning?

Internal collaboration is key. As part of the Rising Stars program, our team spans states, time zones, various roles, workloads and personal lives. It’s been a great lesson in collaboration and managing ambiguity.

What are your challenges?

Time; I’d love to fit more into my day. 

What’s your ambition for the future?

It's not about the title. My ultimate ambition is to be constantly challenged and learning, delving into more complex risk management strategies and hard to place risks. My areas of interest are alternative risk transfer and reinsurance.

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