25 September 2018

Gallagher sponsors new youth initiative in Victoria

When Melbourne Manager, Corporate, Helen Florentzou’s longtime client, KFC franchisee Chris Retzos, asked her if Gallagher would be interested in sponsoring a new initiative to help Australian youth, she found it easy to agree.

The fast food organisation employs predominantly young people, providing many with their first work experience. The KFC Youth Foundation for building confidence in Australia’s youth  was launched this year to support mentoring, skills development, mental well-being and addressing disadvantage

It is allied with

 “I’ve got young children myself,” Helen says, “and each of these charities is reaching out to help the younger generation in Australia and their families.”

Elissa Carricato KFC fundraiserGallagher came on board as a gold sponsor of the inaugural 2018 Victorian charity dinner held at the Shepparton Woolshed on Saturday 22 September and attended by supportive members of the local community.

The gala dinner was the culmination of the KFC Rally 4 Youth, a three-day event for about 30 participants from Shepparton to Echuca, along the Murray River through Yarrawonga and Albury to Beechworth, taking in the King Valley wine district during the round trip.

We are proud to say that Gallagher branding appeared on the venerable Rolls Royce and sporty 1960 Corvette, and account executives and Jodie Perkins were delighted to strike a pose with both.

A team of Gallagher supporters also attended the gala dinner, including

  • Anton Cronje
  • Jason Dutfield
  • Daryle Everitt
  • Jackie Everitt
  • Helen Florentzou
  • Maree Mills
  • Vicki Vathis.

The Gallagher team joined in the festivities which included auctions of donated items ranging from sports memorabilia to fine wines and jewellery. Altogether the combined rally and dinner raised $250,000 to assist the nominated organisations.

Gallagher team KFC fundraiser“I would definitely participate again,” Helen says. “Helping young people build confidence aligns with Gallagher community values and lets them know that somebody cares.”

Chris Retzos says he greatly appreciates the generous Gallagher sponsorship. “It really adds impetus to a grassroots cause when a recognised corporate lends their support to a new initiative, engendering trust and inspiring others to get involved. Our thanks to Gallagher for making a difference.”

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Our shared commitment

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