15 August 2019

Gallagher Sydney joins the Ice Bucket Challenge to FightMND

Our Sydney executives lined up for the fundraising ordeal by icy water to add to the 2019 Gallagher FightMND contribution, with the office raising $1275 in bids and donations to add to Victoria’s $4270.

gallagher ice bucket challenge sydenyThe Sydney Challengers Sarah Lyons, Paul Moorcroft, Adam Squire, Ben Farmer and Lisbeth Rees dressed up in costumes ‒ and in some cases shower caps ‒ to take a dunking administered by the winners of the bidding war for the honour, or their deputies.

Angela Vella soaked Sarah and Deb Allan drenched Paul, with Stephanie Ramsbotham bidding $50 for a bonus bucket. Sarah also pledged $50 for him to remove his cap and waterproof jacket (fat lot of good that did him!).

Michael Lewin won dunking rights over Ben, delivered via Sam Jones, but it was Adam Squire who attracted the fiercest competition. Lani McCarthy deputised Jamie McKenzie as the ice bucket executioner, but Adam also copped not one but two bonus buckets.

“As I sat there in shock thinking I was having a heart attack I reminded myself of why we were doing this and forced a frozen smile,” he says.

Gallagher Australia has a personal stake in the FightMND cause, through Melbourne’s Fiona Daniher whose brother Neale has motor neurone disease and founded the organisation. Every day an average of two Australians are diagnosed with the degenerative condition and another two die from it. To date there is no cure, no effective treatment and the cause is unknown. The funds raised contribute to research, providing assistance and equipment, and improving awareness.

Thank you, our brave Challengers, for volunteering to raise funds for a very worthwhile cause!

The Gallagher Way in action

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