24 August 2018

Gallagher women in focus: meet ACT Senior Account Executive Zoe Evans

An acknowledged Gallagher rising star, Australian Capital Territory-based Zoe Evans left a public sector role to discover that insurance broking delivers the professional fulfilment she was missing.

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Characterised by high energy, high performance and setting high standards, Zoe is go-to source of advice about hard to place policies and is both approachable and disciplined, always seeking the optimum outcome for her clients.

Previous professional roles

  • Account Executive, Allinsure (IAA Group)
  • Account Broker, Aon
  • Underwriter, Zurich
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager, GIO

Years in the industry

  • 13

With Gallagher since

  • 2013

Describe yourself in 3-5 words

  • Never sits still 

How did you get your start in insurance?

I was in the public service and in an extremely monotonous and boring role, and while I was being paid really well as a 21 year old, there was no job satisfaction, so I resigned with no job to go to and landed a role managing ACT Workers Compensation claims with GIO.

What attracted you to the industry?

Honestly, I needed a job and fell into the industry, and I’m sure this is something most people would say – but once you get a taste for insurance you never want to leave. It’s engaging, challenging, fun and dynamic – and definitely not boring.

Stand-out highlights

Career path progress

I have experience in workers’ compensation claims and underwriting, and have been broking for almost nine years now, and love what I do.

While Gallagher has so many opportunities for internal growth and career progression, my passion is broking and I just want to continue kicking goals as a broker and sharing some of my knowledge with junior staff.

What are some of the challenges for the industry?

When I first started I felt like I had to prove myself to potential clients, rather than being a trusted advisor because of my profession. With time and experience this is less the case, however, it can be challenging at the beginning.

We are often competing on price, and being confident and knowledgeable enough to be able to sell on product rather than price is a huge advantage, plus being able to understand and relate to a client will only help you in this industry.

What do you enjoy most about working at Gallagher?

Gallagher is like a huge family: everyone is accessible, unlike some other large corporate entities. I feel like management acknowledges and rewards staff, and has the flexibility as an employer to keep up with the times. There's an empathetic understanding of work/life balance and cooperative approach to providing tools and equipment for working remotely if needed. 

Advice for young women entering the industry

Network. Not just to give you access to new clients, but network within the industry and/or business so you know who to ask advice from or who can act as a mentor, or who you can collaborate with to obtain the expertise you may need.

The other piece of advice is persistence. You won’t win every account, and while it’s nice to win, there’s more to learn from not winning: how to approach things differently, what else you could have done, what you will do next time – and have another crack next year.  

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