10 March 2021

Gallagher Workplace Risk team gains iCare honour for client business safety transformation

The Gallagher Workplace Risk team has been honoured by iCare for the 3rd consecutive year. The Industry Champions 2020 recognition awards the work and achievements of the honourees in an extremely challenging year.

Taking out the Excellence in Improving Employer Performance category is an area that truly represents the consultant/broker relationship, says Gallagher Head of Workplace Risk Vivienne Toll.

The client case that earned the Gallagher Workplace Risk team recognition

Based on a strategic workplace risk partnership formed with the client company, an established family owned business with more than 300 employees working across 3 areas of operations: sales, research and development/quality control and manufacturing operations.

The business’s safety performance was initially rated poorer than the industry average, but has since achieved significant improvements to close this gap over an 18 month period. These improvements include reduced frequency and severity of injuries which has been achieved through the appointment of the Gallagher Workplace Risk team in 2019 and a partnered approach to adopting a strategic and proactive methodology towards injury prevention.


A collaborative approach to implementing this effective safety transformation involved the Gallagher Safety and Workers’ Compensation teams, the iCare injury prevention team and the business’s stakeholders including executive sponsors, human resources, workplace health and safety, area managers and manufacturing and production staff.

“Our mission at Gallagher Workplace Risk is to partner with our clients to achieve optimum workers’ compensation /people risk outcomes, build safe and healthy workplaces and convert solutions into financial advantages.”

Vivienne Toll, Head of Workplace Risk

Stepping towards a positive workplace safety culture

The Gallagher team’s initial engagement involved conducting a formal safety and injury safety management gap analysis which identified numerous opportunities for improvement, including

  • an under-developed safety management plan that was not being effectively implemented and/or monitored
  • inefficiencies in incident investigations
  • absence of any systems to support injury management or an early return to work model
  • limited engagement of line managers or staff in observing agreed safety initiatives
  • inconsistencies in processes for identifying and managing hazards
  • limited resources or investment towards proactive injury prevention solutions that target the historical risk and claims performance
  • gaps in risk training and absence of competency assessment
  • paper-based safety management systems that lacking transparency and/or accountability
  • inadequate monitoring of plant and equipment that could potentially cause injury
  • identifying opportunities for the executive team to visibly reinforce safety culture and values.

Formulating an action plan to address systemic workplace safety issues

To address these deficiencies the Gallagher team worked with the business’s management and the iCare injury prevention team to introduce a number of improvements.

  1. Co-design of a safety and injury management strategy incorporating regular reporting and progress meetings
  2. Engaging senior managers involved in the day to day operational safety practices
  3. Develop and implement early intervention and return to work program
  4. Following on from the above, develop inherent requirement of the job analyses and suitable duties for return to work
  5. Revise hazard identification processes and upskill managers to report issues proactively
  6. Implement a digital platform to simplify reporting and improve transparency and access to safety data
  7. Review risk profiles of all work areas and develop a formal inspection process to verify established risk controls
  8. Instigate regular inspections of plant and equipment safeguards
  9. Provide strategic and technical support to the internal safety team to enable day to day safety matters to be dealt with in a timely way

To gain ‘buy-in’ from leaders, senior managers and staff, the Gallagher Workplace Risk team highlighted the benefits of a working safety culture across multiple parameters: moral, legal, financial, reputational, reputational etc, using case studies to illustrate their points.

They also assigned targeted improvement initiatives to individual stakeholders to be responsible for outcomes. The Gallagher team’s focus was to provide the tools for enabling the business’s managers to implement agreed safety initiatives and the knowledge to understand what needed to be done.

Toll praised her team members for their successful approach and the results gained. “Andrew Jamieson, Mark McKibbin and Lucy McCarthy in their collaborative approach worked in partnership with our client to ensure they were informed, confident and supported in protecting their people and successfully embracing and managing all facets of workplace risk,” she says.  

“It’s a remarkable outcome for all the team, who daily deliver to this workplace safety vision and mission.”

Interested in reviewing your organisation’s health and safety standards?

The Gallagher Workplace Health & Safety offering encompasses everything from incident management and investigation, safety mentoring and training through to health and wellness programs, hazard and risk profiling or highly configurable online safety management systems.

Find out more by talking to one of the experts on the Gallagher Workplace Risk team.


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