06 June 2019

Why Gallagher? Mike Donnelly shares his perspective

Gallagher recently welcomed a new merger partner – Donnellys Insurance Brokers – to the fold, building out our small business platform and bringing a deep layer of personal lines insurance expertise to Australian clients.

thumbnail why gallagher personal lines2Based in Adelaide CBD, the team covers a broad variety of personal insurance needs.

Mike Donnelly, founder and former Managing Director of Donnellys, talks more about the road to Gallagher and what this move brings to clients. 

“While the sign over the door has changed, our approach to client service and commitment to providing the best quality advice remains the same.

"Having shaped and grown the Donnellys business over more than four decades, joining forces with Gallagher was a big decision and the focus was on making the right decision commercially and ensuring our two businesses had a strong cultural fit. We were also thinking big picture about the opportunities this move would present for the team on the next stage of their career journey and the advantages it would offer up to clients.

"Aside from Gallagher’s international breadth and scale, there was a meeting of minds from the outset. Gallagher has a definite ‘family feel’ culture that naturally aligned with the Donnellys culture. What’s more, we would be playing an integral part in growing Gallagher’s Australian operation at an exciting time in their journey. So, there was plenty of upside.

Quality insurance products

"Having worked in the insurance industry for many years, you grow a passion for quality and deepening your knowledge of the mechanics of the various products and policies within your portfolio.

"The saying 'you only get what you pay for' definitely applies to insurance. But having an intimate knowledge of the complex insurance market and using buying power leverage certainly can assist in achieving premium savings... without compromising the quality of coverage.

Confidence in your cover

"When protecting their home and livelihood, clients want to move forward with confidence and be reassured that the important things are taken care of, and I believe everything we say and do helps to achieve that outcome.

"Just like legal contracts generally, if you are not skilled in understanding insurance contracts you could be left unprotected through 'fine print exclusions'.

"Insurance brokers are trained in insurance law so they can provide professional advice  to clients about the range of quality cover options available, so they then can make an informed decision about what suits them best… and when it comes time to claim, the broker is there to represent their client and assist with obtaining a prompt and fair settlement.

"And comparing different insurance policies often is like trying to compare apples and oranges!” Donnelly concludes.

We can help

Call 08 8172 8186 for a no obligation chat about your household insurances. The Gallagher Personal Lines team members are well placed to assist with your Home & Contents, Private Motor and Landlord insurance. Alternatively, visit donnellys.ajg.com.au for more information on our comprehensive personal lines insurance offering.

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