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Industry report: Managing the rising costs of building and property insurance for the food and beverage industry

11 February 2021


The food and beverage production industry is Australia’s largest manufacturing group. Protecting these assets is fundamental to ensuring a productive and profitable future.

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Don’t get caught out by new regulations for commercial use drones

05 February 2021

The use of drones for business or commercial applications in Australia has grown exponentially ‒ and so have the risks. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has responded to this increased usage and the related issues by updating the regulations governing commercial use of drones, or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA). Read on to find out how this affects your business and insurance cover.

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Extreme weather warning: Perth fire

03 February 2021

Strong winds and high temperatures are expected to contribute to worsening bushfire conditions in Wooroloo north-east of Perth. An emergency has been declared as the fire has destroyed 71 homes and is now threatening the more densely populated semi-rural suburbs.

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Specialism focus: agriculture, sport, mining and transport risk reports

01 February 2021

Informed understanding of our clients’ risks is the foundation of the expertise and services we provide, and to enable that we have many teams of risk specialisms across a range of industries and sectors.

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Changed conditions turn workplace health and safety focus to new areas

29 January 2021

In uncertain times the level of concern and anxiety in our communities and workplaces should not be underestimated. For employers, the early identification of and supportive response to mental health issues are fundamental to employee wellbeing.

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7 planning strategies for managers to facilitate return to the workplace

28 January 2021

With the ongoing pandemic and risk of transmission, returning business operations to the workplace calls for extra considerations and an innovative approach to related policies. These suggestions from Gallagher Bassett are intended to help business owners and managers develop an outline for effectively implementing new procedures and enabling employees to adjust to them comfortably.

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Why conduct a business insurance risk review?

27 January 2021

Nothing stands still, least of all in business. Chances are your company has changed in large or small ways, but has your insurance kept pace? Could you be over or under insured? These are some of reasons why it’s important to do a regular business insurance risk review. Here’s how you could benefit.

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Claims scrutiny by insurers toughens: solid documentation is critical

27 January 2021

As insurance becomes tougher to obtain generally, insurers are requiring increasing amounts of information about claims. Having this information to hand relies on good housekeeping – as does minimising the risks in the first place.

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Cyber resilience for survival of full scale attacks against Australian businesses

25 January 2021

As numbers of attacks have risen in the past year the Australian government has warned that businesses need to be prepared, with the right defences and recovery resources.

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Insuring against unknown factors in mergers and acquisitions

22 January 2021

In anticipation of increased mergers and acquisitions activity for local and global business buy and sell transactions influenced by the forces of COVID-19 business impacts and uncertain economic conditions, insurers are looking to new uses of cover to for businesses to ensure they’re covered for unknown risks as well as the known.

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5 workplace mental health resolutions for 2021

21 January 2021

Self-care is key to returning to work after the holiday break, whether that’s from home or back in the office. Having control over your mind and the way you think helps you process the world and achieve wholeness in your life. Here we share 5 resolutions worth keeping, from Gallagher Bassett.

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New risks and heightened concerns for businesses seeking financial lines insurance

20 January 2021

Employment practices and growing concern around potential issues of staff working from home, along with factors surrounding employment disputes such as religious beliefs are new factors for consideration against a background of caution in relation to directors and officer’s liability insurance cover.

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Mergers and acquisitions outlook 2021: global trends report

18 January 2021

After a year of extraordinary conditions Gallagher has released its Global Mergers & Acquisitions Outlook Report, January 2021. Following 2019 when M&A insurance capacity expanded significantly to meet increased competition, providers were forced to reassess their positions and adapt rapidly by innovating their offerings to a reduced market. The report covers the key developments likely to...

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Work Safe judgement highlights dangers of DIY truck fleet maintenance

16 December 2020

A business owner’s attempt to contain costs by performing maintenance on his fleet of trucks sadly proved fatal for one of his drivers, earning him and another employee who assisted with the repairs the maximum penalties under Work Safe laws. The case is a cautionary lesson on the importance of following legal requirements in relation to critical work being performed by properly qualified...

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What your organisation can take away from key WHS statistics Australia 2019

11 December 2020

After a long downward trend in workplace fatalities Safe Work Australia’s Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia 2020 has recorded an uptick for 2019 across all states, signalling the need for greater controls and caution. Here is a summary of some of the key findings, along with how our Gallagher Workplace Risk practice can help your business with safety management.

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Business Insurance & Risk Market update: insights for 2021

08 December 2020

After a year of challenges for the world when businesses have been forced to respond to the impact of COVID-19, we are now confronting a host of new considerations in what was already a cautious insurance market. In this edition of our bi-annual Business Insurance & Risk Market Update we look at the risks and opportunities that are emerging for 2021.

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Australia is under attack – are you ready?

03 December 2020

Australia is one of the world’s richest targets for cyber criminals, according to data cited by Serge Maillet, Head of Cyber Security for Siemens Digital Industries, when presenting at the recent Australian Cyber Security Week 2020. Gallagher’s own Head of Cyber/Technology Practice Leader Robyn Adcock attended to find out how businesses can protect themselves. Here are her key takeaways.

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Severe weather checklists for business: cyclones, floods, storms, bushfires

24 November 2020

Protect your business from severe weather events including fires with these precaution checklists to action ahead of a threat and guides for how to be prepared for emergency conditions.

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Prepare and protect your business against extreme weather and natural disasters

24 November 2020

Extreme weather events or natural disasters are a fact of life for Australian businesses all over the country. Either bushfires, cyclones, storms or heavy hail can affect many areas, causing threats to safety, damage to property and interruptions to transport, communications and business activities. It only makes sense to be prepared. Here’s our guidelines to some of the key essentials.

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Specialist jewellery insurance: do you need it?

20 November 2020

One size doesn’t fit all: signs you need specialist jewellery insurance

Specialist jewellers, like pearlers or artisan jewellers, regularly handle unique items and rare or valuable materials. This raises the amount of risk they’re exposed to as a business. Why? Because:

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