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Insurance Market Overview Report: insight on general liability

21 November 2017

Gallagher’s Adam Sulway, Manager Corporate, Sydney, believes insurers need to proactively meet clients’ needs as they are affected by today’s market conditions. To do this, he says, they have to be creative, providing additional solutions to traditional covers that haven't evolved at the same pace as the industries they were designed to support.

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What a hardening insurance market means for claims processing

20 November 2017

A hardening insurance market often goes hand-in-hand with a disrupted claims experience. In this short video interview, Gallagher’s Head of Claims, Adam Squire, explains how current market conditions can shift insurer focus away from client outcomes toward cost savings and process compliance.

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Gallagher SA volunteers Rise Against Hunger

15 November 2017

It was a client relationship that gave Enza Pacetta, Deborah Finlay, Paula Chapman, Melanie Strangar, Katie Nicholson, Eva Leslie-Lehmann and Eileen Jones the opportunity to donate 90 hours to charity in honour of the anniversary of Gallagher’s 90 years in business.

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Save our koalas! The Koala Ecology Group

10 November 2017

Gallagher Toowoomba’s Alexandra Kennedy joined the Koala Ecology Group to take part in a long-running koala survey in the Eastern Darling Downs, aimed at understanding why populations of this Australian animal are declining in some areas. Her effort also contributes to the Gallagher Corporate Volunteering program marking the company’s 90th year in business.

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The Perfect Storm? You decide.

07 November 2017

Amidst ongoing debate surrounding Australia facing into a hardening insurance market cycle, the broader question remains as to whether a perfect storm lies lies ahead or it is merely a coincidence in timing.

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Don’t set yourself up for hire and rental insurance failure

03 November 2017

The hire and rental insurance landscape is a potential minefield for the unwary operator. Your insurance claim can be voided if you don’t have the right policy and if it doesn’t work with your hire rental agreement.

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Gallagher gets behind Backpacks 4 SA Kids

27 October 2017

Twenty six members of the Gallagher team in South Australia donated one hundred and twenty four hours of voluntary work to support the Backpacks 4 SA Kids initiative. 

Globally, Gallagher employees have pledged to do 90,000 hours of voluntary work as part of its 90th anniversary celebrations. The Adelaide team chose to get behind Backpacks 4 SA Kids – a charity that provides backpacks...

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Waste management issues in reputational risk

23 October 2017
Read the Waste Management Review report on how Gallagher is helping waste management operations meet increased underwriter scrutiny. Fires, regulatory compliance and pollution and environmental damage incidents are some of the issues behind recent bad press.
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Life insurers call for legal changes to enable payment of medical treatments

10 October 2017

Click here to read the Financial Review's report on why the Financial Services Council is pushing to enable superannuation insurers to make payments that enable early intervention in treating insured customers' health conditions.

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Breaking news: Northern New South Wales to Queensland severe thunderstorm warning

06 October 2017

Large hailstones and damaging winds are forecast in a severe weather warning from the Bureau of Meteorology for people in Northern Rivers, Northern Tablelands and parts of Mid North Coast districts. The barometric map also indicates that the inland Queensland area from Darlington to Toowoomba could be at risk.

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Is there a social engineering loophole in your cyber insurance?

05 October 2017

There’s a new kind of criminal operating in the black economy: a smartypants nerd with killer hacking and coding skills who can dupe businesses into paying fraudulent accounts. And because this is done willingly it may be excluded from insurance cover.

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Happy anniversary, Arthur J. Gallagher

02 October 2017

Stability is fundamentally necessary to any financial institution so when an insurance brokerage can claim 90 years of operation it’s significant.

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8 cool ways technology is changing construction

26 September 2017

Welcome to the construction site of the future. People are still onsite, but there are fewer than there used to be. Some wear holographic headsets. Drones hover overhead. Builders can see through walls and harness superhuman strength, while robots whizz through more repetitive tasks.

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Claims and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

25 September 2017

21 September, 2017 – Sydney. 250+ Claims and insurance industry professionals gathered under one roof to discuss the critical importance of maintaining customer focus throughout the claims process at this year’s ANZIIF Claims Convention.

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Cease harvesting system ditched to hand fire condition assessments to NSW farmers

20 September 2017

A whole new system of assessing dangerous fire conditions for harvesting is being introduced by the NSW Rural Fire Service, giving farmers on-farm responsibility to decide on fire risks.

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10 key questions to self-assess your construction business’s cyber risk

13 September 2017

With mandatory data breach reporting coming into effect on 23 February 2018, now is the time to review your business’s cyber security. These questions are designed to help you identify weak points in your business set-up.

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Don’t let suspending operations put you out of business

12 September 2017

Industry intel suggests most small business insurance policies would fail to adequately cover a SME if  forced to temporarily cease trading. Here’s why business income protection insurance deserves your close attention.

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National alert for earlier, more severe bushfire season 2017‒2018

11 September 2017

Tinderbox conditions across the country were top of the agenda at the Australian Fire Authorities Council emergency management conference held in Sydney 4‒6 September.

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Professional indemnity insurance: who needs it?

05 September 2017

Who needs professional indemnity insurance? Easy. Any business that provides professional services or advice. But wait! You’re not a high-flying doctor, lawyer or financial advisor, you’re just a small business – does it really apply to you?

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5 modern engineering feats of construction

31 August 2017

These ambitious built structures push the boundaries of what engineering can achieve.

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