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What insurance do I need for my business vehicles?

11 September 2020

Delivery scooter to full fleet, van to ute with all the gear: the way that vehicles are used for business are as varied as the people who drive them. Whether you’re a tradie with a built-in tool chest or a business running a sales fleet of branded sedans, you need insurance for your business vehicles.

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One in two businesses failing their staff during COVID

08 September 2020

Employers are urged to protect employee wellbeing as Australia's economic crisis deepens. More than half of the country's 12 million workers received no support from their employer during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, despite having to adjust to major changes in their workplace, new research reveals.

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Client case study: major insurance gap identified for growing business

01 September 2020

At 27 the principal of a construction company he had built up since he graduated as an apprentice was a complete success. His business had grown from one employee to 26, his turnover from $250,000 a year to $10 million. Every year he simply renewed his online small business package – until his personal insurance broker offered a review of his business insurance cover.

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How a cyber security platform can mitigate large organisations’ cyber risks

27 August 2020

Australian organisations have been put on notice that they are the target of sustained cyber attacks by hostile attackers. The Australian government is officially warning all businesses to increase their cyber security risk management. Having cyber insurance is part of this, but preventative measures are also critical. Through our partnerships Gallagher can help with cyber security services to...

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Business case study: 8 effective steps to workplace injury prevention

25 August 2020

In response to identified workplace issues and shortfalls in safety standards this busy product manufacturing business of household cleaning products more than halved the number of claims and days lost due to injury through adopting a preventative program and following the Gallagher Workplace Risk team’s advice.

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What is Jewellers Block insurance?

20 August 2020

A standard Jewellers Block insurance policy will provide coverage for a wide range of risks, tailored to your business.

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10 cybersecurity issues to tackle with reopening business work locations

18 August 2020

For businesses reopening locations around COVID-19 changes in Australia, managers must first focus on the obvious priorities of health, safety and core day-to-day operations, and cybersecurity concerns may be among the next group of issues to be addressed. The usual dynamic balance between IT operational priorities and cyber security safeguards may be tested in an already challenging and...

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How the COVID pandemic has changed Australian businesses

13 August 2020

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released June 2020 survey findings on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in Australia. The report, based on a survey of 2000 local businesses, delivers a snapshot of COVID impacts. Here’s a summary of the key changes to business – how does your business compare?

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Navigating business insurance renewals in challenging conditions

11 August 2020

7 steps to securing optimal business insurance cover and terms.

This article offers guidance on steps large businesses should take with their broker when renewing an insurance program in the current challenging market, to ensure the process delivers results and the best achievable outcome.

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What Victoria’s stage 4 restrictions mean for businesses

05 August 2020

Gallagher is continuing to support our Victorian clients through this crisis. In response to increases in COVID-19 cases the Victorian government has declared a state of disaster and introduced new lockdown laws, including stage 4 restrictions applying in metropolitan Melbourne and stage 3 restrictions in regional areas. The following guide provides a quick reference to what this means.

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Access mental health workplace training for your business

04 August 2020

For every business profitability is linked to productivity, which is dependent on your people. With 1 in 5 Australians suffering from mental health issues each year, according to the Black Dog Institute, costing businesses of $10.9 billion+ per annum, proactive management is essential. Training your organisation’s management team enables them to identify problems and people at risk, and...

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New agricultural insurance for broadacre crops – Weather Index Insurance

30 July 2020

Australian broadacre crop growers face one of the riskiest environments in the world, with climate change set to deliver increases in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events. Following the withdrawal of most multiperil crop insurance products over the last 2 years, growers have been left exposed to a variety of risks. Now a new form of protection, Weather Index Insurance, has...

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Critical steps for keeping your business COVID safe

27 July 2020

Workplace safety challenges continue to change as COVID-19 infection clusters erupt in densely populated areas, while businesses attempt to return to ‘new normal’ operations in various parts of Australia. Many businesses will be juggling multiple premises and staff working environments, including working remotely (or working from home) and working in a mobile capacity.

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Workplace safety compliance under renewed scrutiny: 4 key updates

24 July 2020

There has been increased focus on working conditions for employees in Australian businesses, partly due to revelations of unlawful practices in some industry sectors, as well as safety concerns triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We highlight 4 important compliance requirements with regional applications for the states and territories concerned, and for businesses operating in multiple...

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Understanding cyber business interruption and how it could impact your business

23 July 2020

Being forced to suspend trading due to cyber interruption can cause bigger losses than the event itself. This article identifies key business vulnerabilities and offers risk management solutions.

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Gallagher and Special Olympics announce partnership committed to inclusion

21 July 2020


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The rise of cyber risk in the construction industry

16 July 2020

Cyber risk is a leading concern in business as threat actors continue to attack organisations of all sizes across all industry sectors. As we increasingly depend on technology, access to data and chains, the attack surface grows larger by the day. Globally Gallagher cyber experts provide key information and insights on the growing risks and protections in the construction space.

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Cyber security weak points in SMEs – what you need to know

07 July 2020

Small to medium-sized enterprises are estimated to account for 96% of all businesses in Australia and approximately 40% of all cyber crime targets. You wouldn’t gamble on these odds so you shouldn’t risk your business future by leaving yourself open to attack. Here are the 3 keys to understanding how you could become a cyber crime victim and what to do to avoid it.

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Management liability considerations as your business grows

01 July 2020

When business is going well you don’t want to leave yourself behind by overlooking risks that have evolved along with your enterprise’s growth. Your staff numbers, operations, offerings and management team may all have expanded, and you need your insurance protection to keep pace. Management liability cover is especially important for addressing the various risks in managing a business. Here’s...

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Cyber attacks on food producers are growing, the potential risks are crippling

29 June 2020

The high levels of automation that maintain food and beverage manufacturing efficiency and enable fast processing that retains the quality of the ingredients make the industry an appealing target to cyber criminals, as the recent ransomware attack on Lion’s beverage manufacturing operations on 9 June 2020 demonstrates. Here are some of the factors food producers should be aware of.

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