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Tips for preventing freight theft in transit

05 July 2019

Freight theft accounts for billions of dollars in losses worldwide every year, with road transport the major target of criminal activity, according to a recent international report.

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Congratulations to the 2019 NSW Earth Awards winners!

03 July 2019

As the principal partner of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) New South Wales Earth Awards, Gallagher is proud to congratulate the 2019 winners, who will progress to the national competition.

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Gallagher specialist discusses insurance needs with ABC

02 July 2019

One of our insurance specialists took to the airwaves today in a wide-ranging interview with an ABC radio station.

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Australian universities targeted by hackers

01 July 2019

The Australian Catholic University is the most recent victim of a cyber attack targeting higher education institutions, with some systems and staff accounts compromised in an attack which occurred on 22 May 2019.

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Professional indemnity insurance - explained simply

26 June 2019

We all make mistakes.  But some mistakes are more costly than others – such as the $1.6 million worth of defects in a West Australian commercial development that a design company was recently held responsible for.  Luckily, the company had professional indemnity insurance and was able to claim the full amount on their policy.  Without this insurance, the designers would have incurred a massive...

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7 signs you need help from an insurance broker

24 June 2019

One of the questions we are asked a lot is, "Why do I need an insurance broker?". We've compiled 7 signs that indicate your business needs the help of an insurance professional.

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5 ways to get a better deal on your business insurance

21 June 2019

In 2015 the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) published the findings of its inquiry into non-insurance in the small to medium sized enterprise sector. Among many things, it found that one of the primary barriers to insuring against identified risks was cost.

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Public and Products Liability - explained simply

19 June 2019

Why do you need public liability insurance?

The laws in Australia hold us each responsible if we cause others loss, injury or damage. This is described as your legal liability.

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The worst advice you could ever get about your business insurance

17 June 2019

The internet is awash with bad advice, especially when it comes to business insurance. Everyone and no one is an expert, and it can be hard to find legitimate, useful information that you can rely on.

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Craft brewery start-up essentials

14 June 2019

It may sound like turning a hobby into an enterprise, but there are plenty of risks for craft brewery start-ups.

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Innovative use of warranty insurances in real estate deals: how they work

12 June 2019

If you’re a real estate or property developer and want secure title in large transactions, now there's an insurance product that safeguards your interests.

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How having your own broker helps your business

10 June 2019

In times when the insurance market is changing or subject to disruption it helps to have an industry insider covering your back. It also helps if you have to make a claim. Here’s how and why.

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Why Gallagher? Mike Donnelly shares his perspective

06 June 2019

Gallagher recently welcomed a new merger partner – Donnellys Insurance Brokers – to the fold, building out our small business platform and bringing a deep layer of personal lines insurance expertise to Australian clients.

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Participate in our employee survey and get access to the findings

05 June 2019

Gallagher is reaching out to our social media network to invite business managers to participate in our 2019 Financial Confidence Survey of employee financial stress and how it affects productivity.

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Take care that cyber security exposures don’t spill into D&O losses

05 June 2019

The flow-on effects of a data breach can run into millions of dollars so companies need to ensure they are adequately protected if they are the target of a malicious attack, according to an article in the most recent Gallagher Market Overview Report..

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NSW Emergency Services Levy hike triggers industry body reaction

04 June 2019

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has reacted to flagged increases to the New South Wales Emergency Services Levy (ESL) in 2020 which will see the tax exceed the premium on property insurance.

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Turf issues highlight growing risk for sports clubs

03 June 2019

Recent issues in both the professional and amateur ranks surrounding playing surfaces highlight a growing risk for the sporting industry.

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Gallagher enhances regional NSW presence

03 June 2019

Gallagher is delighted to announce the opening of a new Liverpool Branch, following the acquisition of The Protectors Insurance Brokers.

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Rising risks create ‘perfect storm’ for food producers

31 May 2019

Rising risks in the food production industry have led to a “perfect storm” but producers can meet their challenges with sound risk management, Gallagher specialists say.

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Product recall think tank focuses on crisis management

30 May 2019

Our Gallagher National Head of Food Production Stephen Elms was a presenter and panellist at a recent industry workshop on product recalls aimed at identifying the legal and insurance issues involved.

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