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4 steps to ensuring your business is ready this bushfire season

10 October 2019

The spring of 2019 has ushered in a high risk bushfire season over most of Australia. If your business operates near bushland or trees your premises and staff are at risk from a bushfire outbreak. The time to prepare is right now and these are the critical steps to take to protect your staff, your premises and being ready for evauation if necessary.

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Are you covered for delay in start-up for construction projects?

09 October 2019

As hold-ups become an increasing concern for construction projects, delay in start-up insurance (DSU) provides an option for managing the risk, but the terms can be complex and tricky to negotiate. Here's how it works.

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Why shared family business culture matters

08 October 2019

The eve of the Great Depression doesn’t seem like the most auspicious time to start a business, but that’s what the Gallagher founder did, in a basement in Chicago in 1927.

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Compromised credentials behind most Australian cyber security breaches

07 October 2019

Your contact details are what are most at risk from a data breach, and personal information and systems access should be of primary concern to Australian businesses, according to the latest statistics.

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How to meet the hard to place transport insurance challenge

04 October 2019

In today’s toughening insurance market having a previous claim or claims in your history could disadvantage you considerably, especially if the costs were substantial.

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Are you bushfire ready? Our broker tips for managing your risk

03 October 2019

Home and business owners should be aware that prolonged dry conditions across Australia mean that large parts of the country are under threat. To protect your business assets do check your paperwork, ensure your figures for the value of your business are up to date, take preventative measures and have an evacuation plan.

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Gallagher acquires AHC to become one of the world's largest employee communications companies

03 October 2019

Gallagher today announced that it has acquired AHC (Anthony Hodges Consulting), the award-winning pensions, change and reward communications business, for an undisclosed sum. AHC will form part of Gallagher Group’s UK based communications business.

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Gallagher Workplace Risk again finalist in 2 industry awards

03 October 2019

Gallagher Workplace Risk is once again a finalist for two industry awards in categories the Workplace Risk team won last year: the 2019 icare CASE Awards in New South Wales and the RM Advancer Awards.

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How can vintners win the contamination challenge?

02 October 2019

Contamination spoils wine. It can make it taste and smell wrong, affect the texture, change the colour and distort the character. It is also a very difficult risk to manage in the vinification process.

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5 key pain points in construction public and products liability

30 September 2019

Building contractors should definitely read the small print in these make or break areas of their business insurance contracts before they sign on the dotted line. The devil is in the detail.

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Gallagher report discusses biggest transport risks

27 September 2019

Talent shortages represent the biggest risks facing the transport industry, according to a Gallagher specialist.

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Insolvency risk in construction - be proactive

25 September 2019

The decline of the mining industry signalled the beginning of the end of the recent building boom in Australia, leaving the construction industry highly exposed. The economic risk is huge, given construction accounts for almost 10 per cent of employment, according to ABC News.

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Developing the next generation of transport workers

24 September 2019

The transport and logistics industry is grappling with meeting doubled demand for freight services by 2030. Challenges include a diminishing workforce in an industry plagued by ‘blokey’ stereotypes, but there are definite signs of change.

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Gallagher Rising Stars: meet Kirsty Kennell-Webb

23 September 2019

The Gallagher Chief Executive Rising Stars Program for 2019 is aimed at nurturing skills development and fast-tracking the careers of promising staff members through a combination of workshops and practical hands-on challenges to solve business problems.

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How to turn digital disruption in tourism to your advantage

20 September 2019

Today’s travel and hospitality customer wants to go online and package their own personalised experience – and if they are not happy with the result they will tell the world via social media. Here’s how to meet their expectations.

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6 simple ways to prepare your property for bushfire season

19 September 2019

After a year of drought and high temperatures the risk has soared across Australia, confirmed by data released by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). Here's how to prepare. Make safety your priority with these recommended essentials for preparing your property from the outside in. 

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Protect your business from cyber threats from malicious insiders

18 September 2019

Malicious insiders are responsible for a significant proportion of serious cyber attacks because their organisational knowledge equips them to exploit vulnerabilities and hit a company where it hurts. Here’s how to deal with the threat and protect your business.

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Why in-cab monitoring makes sense as a freight transport investment

16 September 2019

Gallagher National Head of Transport Roz Shaw says there's safety in telematics and they represent a sound investment for transport and logistics operators.

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Dynasty or dead end? How to ensure your family business won’t fall over if you do

13 September 2019

Family businesses make a valuable contribution to our national economy. About 70% of Australian businesses are family owned, employing roughly half of the workforce and generating wealth of approximately $4.3 trillion.

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Gallagher's Angela Vella on construction risk, for Insurance Business online

11 September 2019

Hear Gallagher's expert construction insurance broker Angela Vella speaking about the new range of risks construction companies need to be aware of in today's operating conditions.

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