05 June 2019

Participate in our employee survey and get access to the findings

Gallagher is reaching out to our social media network to invite business managers to participate in our 2019 Financial Confidence Survey of employee financial stress and how it affects productivity.

GBS financial confidence survey_blog thumbParticipants will be able to see how your results compared to other organisations and discover competitive insights into improving business growth and reducing operational costs, via a report specific to your company and the information that you provide.

With research* telling us 45% of employees said financial matters were the biggest cause of personal stress – and that this was costing Australian employers an estimated $31 billion a year in lost productivity we were prompted to initiate this business culture health check.

That’s a huge amount of potential profitability. What if we could identify practical ways for companies to address this deficit? The most obvious approach is to ask businesses themselves, and that’s the purpose of this free of charge invitation.

We want to discover and share the factors that enable your employees to be the best they can be in their work lives, and leverage this information in our own business applications as well.

How it works

  • Gallagher will provide you with two survey links, one for you to complete as an employer and one for you to invite your employees to complete.
  • The surveys take no longer than 5 minutes.
  • All entries are completely anonymous, so your employees can feel secure in knowing their information will not be identifiable.
  • We are offering weekly giveaways as well as a major prize draw to help incentivise participation  
  • The Gallagher Survey team will collate two detailed analytical reports: one specifically for your organisation as well as a general overview.

In return for your help, you’ll receive these complimentary resources

  • Personalised findings to use as a benchmarking tool.
  • Detailed analysis of your workforce and their financial confidence (individual responses are anonymous).
  • Comparison between employer and employees’ opinions on financial matters.
  • A final report with collective industry insights.  


If you would like to participate in the 2019 Financial Confidence Survey of employee financial stress and how it affects productivity, and share in the insights gained from it, please click the button below to register your organisation.

Any questions? Contact your Gallagher representative on 1300 850 757 or email GBSAU_marketing@ajg.com.au.

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