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Specialism focus: agriculture, sport, mining and transport risk reports

01 February 2021

Informed understanding of our clients’ risks is the foundation of the expertise and services we provide, and to enable that we have many teams of risk specialisms across a range of industries and sectors.

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Claims scrutiny by insurers toughens: solid documentation is critical

27 January 2021

As insurance becomes tougher to obtain generally, insurers are requiring increasing amounts of information about claims. Having this information to hand relies on good housekeeping – as does minimising the risks in the first place.

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Insuring against unknown factors in mergers and acquisitions

22 January 2021

In anticipation of increased mergers and acquisitions activity for local and global business buy and sell transactions influenced by the forces of COVID-19 business impacts and uncertain economic conditions, insurers are looking to new uses of cover to for businesses to ensure they’re covered for unknown risks as well as the known.

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New risks and heightened concerns for businesses seeking financial lines insurance

20 January 2021

Employment practices and growing concern around potential issues of staff working from home, along with factors surrounding employment disputes such as religious beliefs are new factors for consideration against a background of caution in relation to directors and officer’s liability insurance cover.

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Business Insurance & Risk Market update: insights for 2021

08 December 2020

After a year of challenges for the world when businesses have been forced to respond to the impact of COVID-19, we are now confronting a host of new considerations in what was already a cautious insurance market. In this edition of our bi-annual Business Insurance & Risk Market Update we look at the risks and opportunities that are emerging for 2021.

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