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What insurance do I need for my business vehicles?

11 September 2020

Delivery scooter to full fleet, van to ute with all the gear: the way that vehicles are used for business are as varied as the people who drive them. Whether you’re a tradie with a built-in tool chest or a business running a sales fleet of branded sedans, you need insurance for your business vehicles.

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Client case study: major insurance gap identified for growing business

01 September 2020

At 27 the principal of a construction company he had built up since he graduated as an apprentice was a complete success. His business had grown from one employee to 26, his turnover from $250,000 a year to $10 million. Every year he simply renewed his online small business package – until his personal insurance broker offered a review of his business insurance cover.

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Business case study: 8 effective steps to workplace injury prevention

25 August 2020

In response to identified workplace issues and shortfalls in safety standards this busy product manufacturing business of household cleaning products more than halved the number of claims and days lost due to injury through adopting a preventative program and following the Gallagher Workplace Risk team’s advice.

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How the COVID pandemic has changed Australian businesses

13 August 2020

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released June 2020 survey findings on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in Australia. The report, based on a survey of 2000 local businesses, delivers a snapshot of COVID impacts. Here’s a summary of the key changes to business – how does your business compare?

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Navigating business insurance renewals in challenging conditions

11 August 2020

7 steps to securing optimal business insurance cover and terms.

This article offers guidance on steps large businesses should take with their broker when renewing an insurance program in the current challenging market, to ensure the process delivers results and the best achievable outcome.

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Workplace safety compliance under renewed scrutiny: 4 key updates

24 July 2020

There has been increased focus on working conditions for employees in Australian businesses, partly due to revelations of unlawful practices in some industry sectors, as well as safety concerns triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We highlight 4 important compliance requirements with regional applications for the states and territories concerned, and for businesses operating in multiple...

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Gallagher and Special Olympics announce partnership committed to inclusion

21 July 2020


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Cyber security weak points in SMEs – what you need to know

07 July 2020

Small to medium-sized enterprises are estimated to account for 96% of all businesses in Australia and approximately 40% of all cyber crime targets. You wouldn’t gamble on these odds so you shouldn’t risk your business future by leaving yourself open to attack. Here are the 3 keys to understanding how you could become a cyber crime victim and what to do to avoid it.

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Corporate travel insurance 26 June 2020 update – COVID-19 exclusions

26 June 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions ease businesses making plans for travel should be aware that the intention of insurance is to cover sudden and unexpected events. Given travel restrictions and the high level warnings have been in place since 18 March this generally means travel insurance for COVID-related impacts is not available. Read on for specific communications relating to domestic and...

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Risk management and insurance protection for real estate agents

23 June 2020

Real estate businesses are exposed to a broad range of risk exposures so it’s important to have comprehensive insurance cover for all your activities, and also to keep detailed records in case you do have to claim. Here are some tips to help you make sure your real estate business is properly protected.

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The role of risk mitigation in fighting the working from home cyber crime wave

17 June 2020

Opportunistic and quick to respond to new vulnerabilities or exposures, cyber criminals have wasted no time in adapting to the conditions presented by Australia’s response to COVID-19. Gallagher cyber practice leader Robyn Adcock explains why the restrictions that helped contain the spread of the virus also encouraged a cyber crime wave.

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Business directors alert to elevated risks and insolvency fears should look to insurance

11 June 2020

As the failure of Virgin Australia illustrates, local business boards are confronting the threat of insolvency in the face of reduced revenue and strategic uncertainty, according to a Company Director magazine article published 1 June. Company Director spoke with Gallagher National Head of Professional and Financial Risks Michael Herron, who stressed the need for boards to scrutinise their...

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Protect your business during unpredictable times

10 June 2020

During times of change and vulnerability insurance remains essential to business operations and continuity. Whether the cover applies to your business assets, employees, clients and customers or members of the general public you service, you need to ensure you have the four core business insurances that can provide added protection during uncertain times.

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The right insurance for film and TV to roll cameras again

28 May 2020

As Australian governments continue to ease restrictions, at least 119 film and television productions paused during the COVID-19 shut down are now mapping out their plans for returning to work. When filming resumes it will be under very different conditions and insurance considerations and risk management strategies will need to be examined and changed accordingly.

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Insurance market update: food production challenges from farm to table

19 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged Australia’s food production sector on all fronts from a spike in distribution and transportation demands following a period of panic buying through to declining exports and slowing trading conditions in key markets such as China.

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Insurance market update: business continuity and your Plan B

19 May 2020

Business continuity remains firmly in the spotlight amid trading downturns, lockdown restrictions and empty retail spaces, following on from the recent battering by a summer of bushfires, droughts and storms.

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Business Insurance and Risk Market Update: May 2020

12 May 2020

The Gallagher Business Insurance and Risk Update, May 2020, delivers expert insights and perspective on changes within the insurance market and what this means for your business.

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Mergers and acquisitions insurance: global trends

27 April 2020

2019 proved to be the fifth record year in a row for the mergers and acquisitions insurance market. Mergers and acquisitions insurance products, such as warranty and indemnity insurance, have been increasingly in demand, broader in scope and available in wider jurisdictions, and are being utilised as a staple in transactions. Tax, litigation buy-out and other contingent risk insurance used in...

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Why insurance remains critical to your business

07 April 2020

During times of change and vulnerability insurance cover is essential to business operations. Whether they apply to your business assets, employees, clients and customers or members of the general public you service, core insurance remains vital to the ongoing protection of your business.

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Cyber security and COVID-19: How to protect your business online during the coronavirus outbreak

20 March 2020

In their response to the coronavirus outbreak, employees and other stakeholders will begin remote work and there is increased pressure on an organisation’s cyber security risk management.

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