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Building ministers call for consultation with insurers to tackle the cladding issue

06 September 2018

Australia’s building ministers are calling for a national approach to the combustible cladding issue in reaction to increases in insurance premiums and tightening of professional indemnity insurance terms affecting the construction sector.

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Cyber criminal creativity should put oil and gas sector on the defensive

04 September 2018

Cyber risk is a well-known threat for businesses across all sectors, from the troves of personal data housed by financial institutions, to nationally significant infrastructure governed by our public sector. However, the implications for private oil and gas companies are less understood.

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Decommissioning liabilities: a new risk for the Australian oil and gas sector

21 August 2018

Unlike many other regions around the world, the issue of decommissioning liabilities is one which is fast approaching E&P companies around Australia.

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Information key to covering fracking risks

07 August 2018

Fracking is perhaps the most contentious issue facing the energy market in the world today. Around the world, media organisations have reported on protests and legislative actions concerning fracking and its impacts on the environment.

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Cladding action against building surveyors likely to send insurance premiums even higher

24 July 2018

In an ominous move for the cost of insurance premiums, Lendlease is suing the building surveying consultancy that approved the cladding for Melbourne's Royal Women’s Hospital for breach of contract in failing to identify that it was combustible and non-compliant.

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Predictably Unpredictable | A heads-up to Australian construction industry

15 June 2018

Gallagher has released a white paper analysing the increasing incidence of long-tail weather events and its implications for the construction sector. 

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Construction project delays: proactive management

05 June 2018

A construction project time schedule demands the coordination of numerous moving parts, the ability to factor in ‘float’, or ‘slack’, and having contingency plans in place for when the unexpected occurs.

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Could your construction business weather a catastrophe?

29 May 2018

Extreme weather events – in Australia and around the world – are becoming increasing likely. This probability has affected how insurance providers view construction business’s risk exposure. We unpack the some of the implications and include some pointers for business survival through an extreme weather event.

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Cladding alert: immediate changes to fire safety regulations 12 March 2018

14 March 2018

Changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) aimed at improving fire safety in high-rise buildings come into effect from 12 March 2018. For companies involved in high-rise residential building projects, understanding and complying with these requirements is critical to avoid being in breach of conditions.

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Don’t set yourself up for hire and rental insurance failure

03 November 2017

The hire and rental insurance landscape is a potential minefield for the unwary operator. Your insurance claim can be voided if you don’t have the right policy and if it doesn’t work with your hire rental agreement.

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8 cool ways technology is changing construction

26 September 2017

Welcome to the construction site of the future. People are still onsite, but there are fewer than there used to be. Some wear holographic headsets. Drones hover overhead. Builders can see through walls and harness superhuman strength, while robots whizz through more repetitive tasks.

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10 key questions to self-assess your construction business’s cyber risk

13 September 2017

With mandatory data breach reporting coming into effect on 23 February 2018, now is the time to review your business’s cyber security. These questions are designed to help you identify weak points in your business set-up.

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5 modern engineering feats of construction

31 August 2017

These ambitious built structures push the boundaries of what engineering can achieve.

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Test your construction risk management knowledge

29 August 2017

Take our 5-minute construction risk management and site safety quiz to test your knowledge against the industry stats and standards.

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Future of construction: 5 defining trends

22 August 2017

The CSIRO’s 2016 Farsight for Construction report on the future of Australia’s construction sector lists the top trends that are driving the way the industry will operate in 20 years’ time.

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IMPORTANT CHANGE: VMIA Domestic Builder's Insurance (DBI) in Victoria

01 June 2017

Purchasing Domestic Building Insurance (DBI) through VMIA is changing from 1 July 2017.

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Cyber security and the construction industry: what you need to know

25 November 2016

With a string of high-profile data breaches making headline news across the world, no company appears to be immune from the threat of a cyber incursion. Apple, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, British Airways and the European Central Bank are among high-end corporates to fall victim to hackers or malware, while the Australian Census fail of 2016 was, officially at least, attributed to a cyber attack.

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The importance of a Hire Agreement review

22 September 2016

With damage waivers being an area of uncertainty for many hire and rental industry professionals, Gallagher is urging those in the industry to consider a Hire Agreement review to confirm their insurance program covers all bases.

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