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How a cyber security platform can mitigate large organisations’ cyber risks

27 August 2020

Australian organisations have been put on notice that they are the target of sustained cyber attacks by hostile attackers. The Australian government is officially warning all businesses to increase their cyber security risk management. Having cyber insurance is part of this, but preventative measures are also critical. Through our partnerships Gallagher can help with cyber security services to...

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10 cybersecurity issues to tackle with reopening business work locations

18 August 2020

For businesses reopening locations around COVID-19 changes in Australia, managers must first focus on the obvious priorities of health, safety and core day-to-day operations, and cybersecurity concerns may be among the next group of issues to be addressed. The usual dynamic balance between IT operational priorities and cyber security safeguards may be tested in an already challenging and...

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Understanding cyber business interruption and how it could impact your business

23 July 2020

Being forced to suspend trading due to cyber interruption can cause bigger losses than the event itself. This article identifies key business vulnerabilities and offers risk management solutions.

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The rise of cyber risk in the construction industry

16 July 2020

Cyber risk is a leading concern in business as threat actors continue to attack organisations of all sizes across all industry sectors. As we increasingly depend on technology, access to data and chains, the attack surface grows larger by the day. Globally Gallagher cyber experts provide key information and insights on the growing risks and protections in the construction space.

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Cyber security weak points in SMEs – what you need to know

07 July 2020

Small to medium-sized enterprises are estimated to account for 96% of all businesses in Australia and approximately 40% of all cyber crime targets. You wouldn’t gamble on these odds so you shouldn’t risk your business future by leaving yourself open to attack. Here are the 3 keys to understanding how you could become a cyber crime victim and what to do to avoid it.

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Cyber attacks on food producers are growing, the potential risks are crippling

29 June 2020

The high levels of automation that maintain food and beverage manufacturing efficiency and enable fast processing that retains the quality of the ingredients make the industry an appealing target to cyber criminals, as the recent ransomware attack on Lion’s beverage manufacturing operations on 9 June 2020 demonstrates. Here are some of the factors food producers should be aware of.

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The role of risk mitigation in fighting the working from home cyber crime wave

17 June 2020

Opportunistic and quick to respond to new vulnerabilities or exposures, cyber criminals have wasted no time in adapting to the conditions presented by Australia’s response to COVID-19. Gallagher cyber practice leader Robyn Adcock explains why the restrictions that helped contain the spread of the virus also encouraged a cyber crime wave.

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Insurance market update: cyber risk evolving as fast as technology itself

19 May 2020

In light of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the delivery of knowledge, goods and services, the perceived value of data and information as a valuable commodity has grown along with the connected risk. Remote worker access to data and stricter device controls are the new security perimeter.

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Staying cyber safe while working from home

17 April 2020

Our Australian work patterns have changed immensely in response to COVID-19, and when large numbers of employees work remotely, cyber security becomes a primary consideration. 

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Cyber security and COVID-19: How to protect your business online during the coronavirus outbreak

20 March 2020

In their response to the coronavirus outbreak, employees and other stakeholders will begin remote work and there is increased pressure on an organisation’s cyber security risk management.

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Do I need cyber liability insurance?

10 March 2020

Is your business likely to be threatened by cyber risk? Absolutely. If you’ve got an internet connection you’re at risk of an attack or incident that could potentially close you down or inflict financial damage. Small businesses aren’t exempt: over a third of global cyber attacks target companies with less than 250 employees. Every business needs cyber protection. That's where cyber liability...

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Cyber security package for small business endorsed by government

14 February 2020

IA new cyber security product designed to help small businesses and released in partnership with Gallagher has been selected by AustCyber for government funding. BrAIn-box, a plug-in device that uses artificial intelligence to monitor a business’s computers and systems, is one of 17 recipients of almost $8.5 million from AustCyber to boost Australian cyber security.

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Don’t let a computer failure bin grape harvest profits

27 November 2019

From venerable traditions Australia’s wine industry has embraced the productivity gains and cost savings achieved by technology. But what happens when a system fails?

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Compromised credentials behind most Australian cyber security breaches

07 October 2019

Your contact details are what are most at risk from a data breach, and personal information and systems access should be of primary concern to Australian businesses, according to the latest statistics.

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Protect your business from cyber threats from malicious insiders

18 September 2019

Malicious insiders are responsible for a significant proportion of serious cyber attacks because their organisational knowledge equips them to exploit vulnerabilities and hit a company where it hurts. Here’s how to deal with the threat and protect your business.

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Human error the most preventable factor in data breaches

02 September 2019

One little typo in an email address. That’s all it took for the personal information of 317 people to be sent to an unknown recipient: dates of birth, passport numbers and medical test notes – a jackpot for any cyber criminal involved in credential or identity theft.

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Australian universities targeted by hackers

01 July 2019

The Australian Catholic University is the most recent victim of a cyber attack targeting higher education institutions, with some systems and staff accounts compromised in an attack which occurred on 22 May 2019.

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Case study: cyber crime as a management liability

01 May 2019

In this case of employee theft our client sustained a loss approaching $1 million over a period of years through a staffer’s access to funds and accounts. Take note, there’s a cyber security lesson here concerning insider threats.

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Do you have a strategy for handling a cyber attack?

19 April 2019

Does your business have a plan for meeting data breach penalties and costs? With the Marriott group facing a potential $915 million fine for its 2018 data breach, organisations of any size are facing the need for contingency strategies.

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Cyber security an even bigger challenge in 2019

12 March 2019

Australia’s Federal Parliament, Toyota Australia, Melbourne’s Catholic Archdiocese and cardiology unit Melbourne Heart Group have all been in the news as recent victims of cyber attacks. Who’s next?

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