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Australian oil and gas field decommissioning: what operators need to know

21 January 2019

Rising risks linked to decommissioning liabilities for exploration and production companies in the offshore oil and gas sector in Australia present a new challenge for the industry and regulators. Here’s what to be aware of.

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Energy security is only as good as the sector’s next weakest link

02 November 2018

It’s an event oil and gas executives in WA remember very well. On 3 June 2008, a corroded gas pipeline ruptured, causing a crippling explosion at a processing plant on Varanus Island, off the state’s Northwest coast.

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Letters of the law: the ADGSM, Australian LNG and regulatory risk

16 October 2018

There is no domestic gas shortage to worry about according to the Australian Energy Market Operator, which informed the market in a recent 2018 outlook that the east coast shortfall feared in 2017 had been successfully averted.

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Policy patchwork makes political risk real for oil and gas sector

02 October 2018

The Northern Territory government made a landmark decision in April to lift its 18-month blanket ban on hydraulic fracturing, after findings from an independent scientific inquiry showed the risks of the industry could be mitigated, reduced or avoided.

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Renewable energy to drive power prices down?

27 September 2018

The renewable energy surge in Australia continues, with the most recent Australia Institute’s 2018 quarterly Emissions Audit reporting grid energy such as hydro, wind and solar added to rooftop solar accounts for 25.6% of the August national electricity market.

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Insurance vital as energy M&As boom

18 September 2018

Mergers and acquisitions within the energy market show no signs of slowing down in the near future as confidence in the sector soars.

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Cyber criminal creativity should put oil and gas sector on the defensive

04 September 2018

Cyber risk is a well-known threat for businesses across all sectors, from the troves of personal data housed by financial institutions, to nationally significant infrastructure governed by our public sector. However, the implications for private oil and gas companies are less understood.

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Decommissioning liabilities: a new risk for the Australian oil and gas sector

21 August 2018

Unlike many other regions around the world, the issue of decommissioning liabilities is one which is fast approaching E&P companies around Australia.

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Information key to covering fracking risks

07 August 2018

Fracking is perhaps the most contentious issue facing the energy market in the world today. Around the world, media organisations have reported on protests and legislative actions concerning fracking and its impacts on the environment.

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