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Why insurance remains critical to your business

07 April 2020

During times of change and vulnerability insurance cover is essential to business operations. Whether they apply to your business assets, employees, clients and customers or members of the general public you service, core insurance remains vital to the ongoing protection of your business.

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Cyber security and COVID-19: How to protect your business online during the coronavirus outbreak

20 March 2020

In their response to the coronavirus outbreak, employees and other stakeholders will begin remote work and there is increased pressure on an organisation’s cyber security risk management.

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How to get your business sums insured right

13 March 2020

Getting your sums insured right is critical if you have to make a claim, but most business owners find them hard to evaluate and many overlook or forget what they need to do.

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Know what to expect in current insurance market conditions

12 March 2020

Get the benefit of our brokers’ expert knowledge of how recent events are shaping the availability, cost and terms of insurance cover. We look at the factors influencing market trends, how to plan to meet them and leverage your relationship with your broker to achieve a positive outcome.

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Business risks and insurance in the face of coronavirus

06 March 2020
Last updated: 12 March 2020 at 10:30am

As news headlines about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continue to increase, so has concern over its potential to affect employee welfare, disrupt supply chains, slow business operations and impact business confidence. Businesses should take proactive measures now to review key insurance policies and business continuity plans. Here’s an outline of...

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How management liability insurance could help your business

05 March 2020

It’s a myth that only big businesses face the threat of lengthy legal battles over everything from unfair dismissal to sexual harassment claims, employee fraud to occupational health and safety concerns. Small-to-medium sized businesses are increasingly being drawn into legal action, at considerable cost, which can be financially devastating for both the business and its executives.  

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Does my business need industrial special risks insurance?

20 February 2020

Is your business booming, or does your operation use specialised products, plant or equipment? Industrial special risks (ISR) insurance provides cover for growing businesses or those with valuable assets. Here’s how it works.

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Protect against these business risks in 2020

12 February 2020

What are the most important risks identified by the global business community for 2020? We look at what they are, what they mean, how they rank and which risks are of most concern to Australian businesses.

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Framework for navigating political risks in business

10 February 2020

Tapping opportunities in foreign countries calls for careful balancing of what can be achieved with what might go wrong – and planning for both.

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Australians turn to employers for help as financial stress spikes

03 February 2020

Australians are turning to their employers for guidance as personal financial stress spikes, new research reveals. The Gallagher Employee Financial Confidence Report shows the major causes of financial stress for Australian employees include unexpected costs, insufficient savings and rising living expenses.

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Protecting your business against the spread of coronavirus

30 January 2020

Last Updated March 12, 2020

Does your business have a plan for protecting employees against the coronavirus pandemic? As increasing numbers of cases are being reported it’s important to have a response in place. Here are some guidelines for containment and keeping your business’s staff safe.

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Do I have enough insurance for my small business?

29 January 2020

Small business owners, are you protecting your own interests? We look why many SMEs fall into the underinsurance trap and what business operators need to be aware of to effectively safeguard their enterprises.

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Rebuild your business after bushfire

15 January 2020

Returning to something approaching normal can seem a monumental task in the aftermath of a disaster like a major fire, but statistics show the sooner you can resume trading the more likely your business will be to survive.

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Top business insurance insights, a year in review

20 December 2019

We take the opportunity to revisit the posts our blog visitors read the most from the last 12 months, outlining key points to be aware of across the market. Included: transport sector challenges, the background to the combustible cladding issue, how to get a competitive deal on insurance cover, and affirmative action on gender equality in the insurance industry.

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Does my business need product liability insurance?

19 December 2019

Quality standards in Australia are high – but accidents and oversights do happen. If your business produces, sells or transports consumer goods they can present potential hazards to members of the public. Here’s what you need to know about this risk and how you can protect your business.

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Surviving a fire: critical steps

06 December 2019

f you have to deal with a fire threatening your property preparedness is the key to survival. If the threat is imminent here are some of the critical points to follow, from surviving the fire itself to what you need to do to support an insurance claim for damage to your property or business premises. Always remember that property can be replaced but your life cannot. Fires are extremely...

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Why family businesses need D&O insurance

18 November 2019

All companies need good governance, and that includes family-run enterprises. These decision-makers who steer the direction of the organisation and strategise for profitability and growth also deserve protection.

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How would your restaurant or cafe stand up to a tax audit?

15 November 2019

Restaurateurs, how would your business fare in a tax audit? Cafes and restaurants operating on a cash only basis are the focus of an Australian Tax Office’s (ATO) clampdown on the illegal cash economy. 

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Construction insurers are playing it safe and insureds should too

13 November 2019

he effects of the past 12 months on the insurance market mean that a climate of caution is affecting the construction industry at all levels, warns Gallagher Head of Construction - Australia and Asia Roger Irvine.

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The business trends shaking up the food service sector

08 November 2019

Dark’ kitchens, aggregated dining apps, plant-based meat and the rise of the gastro pub – the food service industry in Australia is changing, but one trend is a constant: we like someone else doing the cooking.

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