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Are you covered for delay in start-up for construction projects?

13 May 2019 - 02:00PM

As project hold-ups become an increasing concern for construction projects, delay in start-up insurance (DSU) provides an option for managing the risk, but the terms can be complex and tricky to negotiate. Here's how it works.

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Is your construction business safe from wild weather?

29 April 2019 - 02:00PM

Cyclones Veronica and Trevor delivered an unmistakable warning about the impact of extreme weather events as they moved inland, bucketing torrential rain. Construction sites in affected areas were inundated, and it looks like there will be more where that came from. 

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Need for cladding action has no easy answers

01 March 2019 - 02:00PM

The most recent apartment building fire involving combustible cladding, Melbourne’s Neo200 tower early in February 2018, has accelerated concern about the need for urgent effective regulatory action.

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The new mining boom [part 2]: fresh opportunities & lessons learned

30 January 2019 - 02:00PM

Experts are observing a resurgence in the Australian mining industry – but have we learned from past mistakes? Gallagher National Head of Mining John Koeppler reviews the trends.

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The new mining boom [part 1]: new risks, new approaches

23 January 2019 - 02:00PM

Experts are saying there's a resurgence in the Australian mining industry – but have we learned from past mistakes? Gallagher National Head of Mining John Koeppler reviews the trends.

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How the Trump-China trade war is impacting mining insurance

13 December 2018 - 10:00AM

Commodity prices have been fluctuating in the wake an escalating trade war between China and the United States, with mining insurance premiums also being impacted.

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D&O issues impacting the mining sector

05 December 2018 - 02:00PM

The last 18 months have been marked by a surge of high-profile Directors' & Officers' (D&O) insurance class action claims – and mining companies have not been immune.

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Building ministers call for consultation with insurers to tackle the cladding issue

06 September 2018 - 11:00AM

Australia’s building ministers are calling for a national approach to the combustible cladding issue in reaction to increases in insurance premiums and tightening of professional indemnity insurance terms affecting the construction sector.

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Cladding action against building surveyors likely to send insurance premiums even higher

24 July 2018 - 10:00AM

In an ominous move for the cost of insurance premiums, Lendlease is suing the building surveying consultancy that approved the cladding for Melbourne's Royal Women’s Hospital for breach of contract in failing to identify that it was combustible and non-compliant.

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Predictably Unpredictable | A heads-up to Australian construction industry

15 June 2018 - 10:00AM

Gallagher has released a white paper analysing the increasing incidence of long-tail weather events and its implications for the construction sector. 

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Construction project delays: proactive management

05 June 2018 - 02:00PM

A construction project time schedule demands the coordination of numerous moving parts, the ability to factor in ‘float’, or ‘slack’, and having contingency plans in place for when the unexpected occurs.

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Could your construction business weather a catastrophe?

29 May 2018 - 02:00PM

Extreme weather events – in Australia and around the world – are becoming increasing likely. This probability has affected how insurance providers view construction business’s risk exposure. We unpack the some of the implications and include some pointers for business survival through an extreme weather event.

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Part 3: Is Australia's construction industry headed for a cladding crisis?

17 May 2018 - 10:00AM

Industry regulators are now undertaking reviews with the aim of avoiding misunderstanding and misapplication of building codes relating to cladding. Following on from Part 1 and Part 2 in this three-part series, in Part 3 we cover the changes that stakeholders need to be abreast with ‒ or run the risk of finding themselves in breach of these requirements.

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Part 2: Is Australia headed for a cladding crisis?

10 May 2018 - 10:00AM

How did the use of potentially unsafe cladding become widespread in the construction sector? Following on from Part 1 in this three-part series, Part 2 looks at the factors behind misunderstanding of the regulations and, in some cases, ill-informed exploitation of grey areas.

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Is Australia headed for a cladding crisis?

03 May 2018 - 10:00AM

London’s Grenfell Tower and Melbourne’s Lacrosse apartment building fires have raised a legion of issues about building standards and regulatory compliance, as well as who carries responsibility for defective products. This three-part series examines what these mean for the construction industry.

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Cladding alert: immediate changes to fire safety regulations 12 March 2018

14 March 2018 - 11:45AM

Changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) aimed at improving fire safety in high-rise buildings come into effect from 12 March 2018. For companies involved in high-rise residential building projects, understanding and complying with these requirements is critical to avoid being in breach of conditions.

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The insurance implications of non-compliant cladding on the construction industry

12 March 2018 - 12:19PM

The issue of non-compliant cladding continues to cast a shadow over the construction industry globally - and could have professional indemnity insurance implications for construction companies, architects and other related professionals.

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Don’t set yourself up for hire and rental insurance failure

03 November 2017 - 02:00PM

The hire and rental insurance landscape is a potential minefield for the unwary operator. Your insurance claim can be voided if you don’t have the right policy and if it doesn’t work with your hire rental agreement.

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Gallagher's Angela Vella on construction risk, for Insurance Business online

30 October 2017 - 10:31AM

Hear Gallagher's expert construction insurance broker Angela Vella speaking about the new range of risks construction companies need to be aware of in today's operating conditions.

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8 cool ways technology is changing construction

26 September 2017 - 01:00PM

Welcome to the construction site of the future. People are still onsite, but there are fewer than there used to be. Some wear holographic headsets. Drones hover overhead. Builders can see through walls and harness superhuman strength, while robots whizz through more repetitive tasks.

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