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Is your SME vulnerable to insolvency risk?

13 March 2019 - 02:00PM

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represented the largest number of external administrators’ reports in 2018, according to a recent Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) report, which also identified industry sectors at highest risk. Here's how this could affect your business.

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How trade credit insurance provides stability in uncertain times

20 December 2018 - 12:28PM

Trade credit insurance is more than a back-up for businesses that trade on credit terms. It also enables growth through expanding sales channels and volumes, making it a valuable strategic tool for increasing turnover and profitability.

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ASIC insolvency report highlights SME risk factors

12 December 2018 - 02:00PM

A new report from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has highlighted growing numbers of insolvencies in certain industries, with SMEs making up the bulk of external administrators’ reports in 2018.

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Surety bond take-up soaring, says Gallagher specialist

21 November 2018 - 02:50PM

The take-up of surety bonds as an alternative to bank guarantees is soaring and shows no sign of slowing, says a Gallagher specialist.

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10% of Australian manufacturers face closure if they lose one customer

26 April 2018 - 08:30AM

While the Australian manufacturing sector is enjoying an unprecedented boom, the industry remains highly volatile, with many businesses facing closure if they were to lose a single customer.

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Can your business survive a bad debt?

10 June 2015 - 02:40PM

If you have a bad debt of $120,000 and work on a margin of 5%, then you need to generate $2,400,000 of sales to make up the lost profit.  

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