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Transport drivers’ health targeted for workplace risk action

27 April 2021

Transport driving represents the most common occupation for Australian males, employing 1 in every 33 men. However, this same group is also at greater risk of workplace injury. And it’s not just their physical health that’s involved: psychological wellbeing is also a serious issue, particularly for younger drivers.

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5 key ways for transport businesses to get the most out of your insurance broker

25 February 2021

Transport and logistics operators can really benefit from working with an insurance broker who understands the industry and their specific business’s risks ‒ so if your relationship with your broker is limited you may want to rethink before you renew your insurance cover.

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Specialism focus: agriculture, sport, mining and transport risk reports

01 February 2021

Informed understanding of our clients’ risks is the foundation of the expertise and services we provide, and to enable that we have many teams of risk specialisms across a range of industries and sectors.

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Work Safe judgement highlights dangers of DIY truck fleet maintenance

16 December 2020

A business owner’s attempt to contain costs by performing maintenance on his fleet of trucks sadly proved fatal for one of his drivers, earning him and another employee who assisted with the repairs the maximum penalties under Work Safe laws. The case is a cautionary lesson on the importance of following legal requirements in relation to critical work being performed by properly qualified...

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Transport Industry Risk Update: COVID-19 considerations

09 June 2020

Transport businesses have specific insurance needs and risk exposures which require careful consideration, particularly in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic environment.

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Tried and trusted: 40 years protecting fuel carriers and distributors

13 December 2019

For over 40 years Gallagher has been the proud insurance partner to the fuel industry. Managing risks for transporting fuel and other dangerous goods calls for an in-depth understanding of the practicalities involved; a comprehensive insurance solution with the scope to meet the needs of the sector, and a 24/7 emergency response when it’s required. That’s what we do for our clients at...

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Keeping truck drivers safe on the road and on the job

22 November 2019

We tend to think of them as indefatigable road warriors but in reality truck drivers are subject to greater health and safety risks than other occupations.

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Road access for multi-trailer double combinations essential for freight task

15 October 2019

New A-doubles and B-triples with broader PBS road access ratings are leading the way to improving road freight capacity, but are we moving fast enough?

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How to meet the hard to place transport insurance challenge

04 October 2019

In today’s toughening insurance market having a previous claim or claims in your history could disadvantage you considerably, especially if the costs were substantial.

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Developing the next generation of transport workers

24 September 2019

The transport and logistics industry is grappling with meeting doubled demand for freight services by 2030. Challenges include a diminishing workforce in an industry plagued by ‘blokey’ stereotypes, but there are definite signs of change.

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Why in-cab monitoring makes sense as a freight transport investment

16 September 2019

Gallagher National Head of Transport Roz Shaw says there's safety in telematics and they represent a sound investment for transport and logistics operators.

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7 reasons why a transport operator needs an insurance broker

06 September 2019

One of the most common questions about insurance is "Why do I need a broker? Why not cut out the middle man and deal with the insurers directly?” Here are seven reasons to make you rethink that being a smart idea.

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The Australian transport industry and digital evolution

30 August 2019

Australia’s $48.9 billion+ pa transport and logistics industry’s truck traffic is projected to grow 50% from 2010 to 2030. This rapid growth can only be achieved practically by adopting new technologies.

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Fuel carrier fine sends a regulator message about emergency response

23 August 2019

The recent fine imposed by the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (NSW EPA), the regulator for dangerous goods in NSW, on a large petroleum cartage company should be a wake-up call for the sector, advises guest blogger Gallagher Principal Broker Phil Hardaker.

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How can the PBS scheme make Australian transport competitive globally?

14 August 2019

After years of lobbying by the transport industry a standardised national scheme for classifying vehicle combinations and matching them to permissible access to road networks has come into effect in Australia. But is this enough?

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3 of the biggest challenges facing the freight and logistics industry

02 August 2019

“The freight and logistics industry is an essential component of the national economy” says the Australian Government, and it supports the nation’s “quality of life aspirations”. But though the sector accounts for 10% of gross domestic Product (GDP) - and its revenue is projected to grow by 2.2% over the next five years – the freight and logistics industry’s contribution to the overall economy...

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Transport industry win in Victoria shows the way for truck driver licensing

26 July 2019

Now the Victorian Transport Association’s new model for training and licensing heavy vehicle drivers has proved its worth and received state government funding, the rest of the country should follow on, writes Gallagher National Head of Transport Roz Shaw.

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Fuel sector operators under EPA scrutiny

19 July 2019

Increased scrutiny from the Environmental Protection Authority has prompted fuel retail businesses to place greater focus on underground petroleum storage systems.

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Staying safe on the road: issues for truck drivers

12 July 2019

In recent years road freight transport workers have been identified as a Safe Work Australia priority, with strategies aimed at reducing serious injuries by 30% and fatalities by 20% by 2022.

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Tips for preventing freight theft in transit

05 July 2019

Freight theft accounts for billions of dollars in losses worldwide every year, with road transport the major target of criminal activity, according to a recent international report.

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