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Gallagher enhances regional NSW presence

03 June 2019

Gallagher is delighted to announce the opening of a new Liverpool Branch, following the acquisition of The Protectors Insurance Brokers.

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Licensing and road networks should be government spending priorities

10 April 2019

As a committed advocate for safety in road transport, Gallagher National Head of Transport Roz Shaw welcomes the 2019 Federal Budget allocation for improvements but would like to see the government also focus on driver licensing reform.

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How family businesses nurture female leaders

19 March 2019

Gallagher National Head of Transport Roz Shaw spent 30 years heading up her own family-run transport operation. Here she talks about how a number of studies have shown that women in positions of authority benefit businesses, but Australia has been slow to get the message. 

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The case for in-cab monitoring for freight transport

18 February 2019

Gallagher National Head of Transport Roz Shaw says there's safety in telematics and they represent a sound investment for transport and logistics operators.

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Containers overboard highlight cargo risks

15 February 2019

Two Chevrolet Silverados, as well as mountain bikes, commercial laundry equipment, scissor lifts and numerous smaller goods are among the contents of containers that fell off a cargo ship off the east coast of New South Wales in June 2018.

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Industry insiders to help simplify National Heavy Vehicle Law

25 January 2019

In response to confusion over amendments to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) which came into effect 1 October 2018, the National Transport Commission is calling on industry experts to help review the 633-page document.

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The overseas threat to Australian transport supply chain logistics

16 January 2019

Over three-quarters of Australia’s non-bulk freight is carried on roads, dominating freight movements between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Freight movement is critical to our economy so why are we slower and more expensive than most developed countries?

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Marine insurance pricing to get worse before it gets better, warns Gallagher expert

06 December 2018

The marine insurance market will continue to prove a difficult battleground, with specialist advice more important than ever before, according to a Gallagher expert.

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The insurance and risk benefits of in-cab driver monitoring systems

27 November 2018

Adoption of in-cab driver monitoring systems is picking up pace in the transport sector and offers multiple benefits for large fleet operators, according to Gallagher Head of Transport Roz Shaw.

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How can supply chain logistics providers stay competitive in Australia today?

21 November 2018

Australia is falling behind the world on freight performance, and this is worse when it comes to trading across borders. No wonder overseas providers are looking to elbow in on the local sector.

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New international report rates Gallagher as marine and cargo leader

08 November 2018

Gallagher is among the key players listed in a new report which analyses cargo insurance offerings by company and region, including the Asia-Pacific.

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The autonomous technologies driving the marine industry of the future

05 September 2018

The world’s first fully autonomous cargo ship is under construction in Norway, with completion slated for 2020, but automation is being adopted for commercial fleets right now as tech experts enter into partnerships with industry suppliers.

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9 key terms and common questions about marine insurance

09 August 2018

For as long as there has been commerce, there has been insurance – or risk management, at least. Back in the third millennia BC, Chinese traders carrying goods by sea would divide their cargo between different vessels to limit their losses in the event of an accident or disaster. They were one of the earliest practitioners of risk transfer.

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Piracy and armed robbery in commercial shipping - evaluating the risk to Australian operators

26 July 2018

In 2008 the Australian cruise ship Athena was sailing through the Gulf of Aden when it found itself surrounded by at least 29 small boats, suspected to be Somali pirates. The ship escaped unharmed and made port safely, but another ship – Oceania Cruises’ Nautica – had been attacked in the same waters just a few days before and had shots fired at it by its assailants.

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Is the marine industry ‘easy meat’ for cyber criminals?

12 July 2018

Multinational cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab says the marine industry is ‘easy meat’ for cyber criminals, and a recent data breach at shipping company Svitzer Australia – which affected almost half of its Australian employees – would suggest that’s not far from true.

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Transport insurance brokers are a partner, not the enemy

12 July 2018

Roz Shaw, National Transport Leader at Gallagher, provides a personal perspective on how transport business owners and operators can get the best out of their broker, and why using a broker can mean the difference between boom or bust.

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Meet the Gallagher marine insurance team

04 July 2018

Gallagher has one of the largest and most experienced marine practices in Australia, with two core marine specialist teams based in New South Wales and Western Australia, servicing clients both nationally and across the globe.

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The $3.37 trillion question facing the marine industry

28 June 2018

The South China Sea, which is some 3.5 million square kilometres in size, is the subject of ongoing territorial disputes between China and the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei. But how important is this marginal sea to the global maritime and shipping industry? And what impact would rising tensions have on insurance?

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New Gallagher report reveals biggest emerging risks for marine businesses

14 June 2018

A new report, published by Gallagher, has revealed the biggest risks facing the marine industry - and is available as a free download.

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Gallagher announces Roz Shaw as National Head of Transport

08 June 2018

Gallagher has announced the appointment of Roz Shaw as National Head of Transport, who will take up her role in early July.

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