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Emergency warning: flood conditions in parts of NSW

22 March 2021

Parts of New South Wales from the Mid-North Coast to the metro area and across the Mid-North Coast are under emergency conditions as flooding in the Hawkesbury-Nepean River system has reached levels not seen since 1961.

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Extreme weather warning: Perth fire

03 February 2021

Strong winds and high temperatures are expected to contribute to worsening bushfire conditions in Wooroloo north-east of Perth. An emergency has been declared as the fire has destroyed 71 homes and is now threatening the more densely populated semi-rural suburbs.

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Severe weather checklists for business: cyclones, floods, storms, bushfires

24 November 2020

Protect your business from severe weather events including fires with these precaution checklists to action ahead of a threat and guides for how to be prepared for emergency conditions.

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Prepare and protect your business against extreme weather and natural disasters

24 November 2020

Extreme weather events or natural disasters are a fact of life for Australian businesses all over the country. Either bushfires, cyclones, storms or heavy hail can affect many areas, causing threats to safety, damage to property and interruptions to transport, communications and business activities. It only makes sense to be prepared. Here’s our guidelines to some of the key essentials.

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Surviving a fire: critical steps

06 December 2019

f you have to deal with a fire threatening your property preparedness is the key to survival. If the threat is imminent here are some of the critical points to follow, from surviving the fire itself to what you need to do to support an insurance claim for damage to your property or business premises. Always remember that property can be replaced but your life cannot. Fires are extremely...

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Emergency warning: Queensland and NSW bushfires

11 November 2019

After a horrifying weekend with 100 fires raging on Australia’s east coast in northern New South Wales and Queensland some of these blazes continue to burn out of control and the Bureau of Meteorology has issued high alerts and prepare to leave warnings.

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4 steps to ensuring your business is ready this bushfire season

10 October 2019

The spring of 2019 has ushered in a high risk bushfire season over most of Australia. If your business operates near bushland or trees your premises and staff are at risk from a bushfire outbreak. The time to prepare is right now and these are the critical steps to take to protect your staff, your premises and being ready for evauation if necessary.

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Are you bushfire ready? Our broker tips for managing your risk

03 October 2019

Home and business owners should be aware that prolonged dry conditions across Australia mean that large parts of the country are under threat. To protect your business assets do check your paperwork, ensure your figures for the value of your business are up to date, take preventative measures and have an evacuation plan.

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6 simple ways to prepare your property for bushfire season

19 September 2019

After a year of drought and high temperatures the risk has soared across Australia, confirmed by data released by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). Here's how to prepare. Make safety your priority with these recommended essentials for preparing your property from the outside in. 

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Extreme weather warning: Queensland and NSW bushfires emergency

10 September 2019

Bushfires are threatening extensive areas of New South Wales and Queensland, putting residents at high risk. Fires are also burning in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania.

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Bushfire season is here and set to last even longer in 2019‒20

06 September 2019

With tinderbox conditions prevailing across large areas of Australia, those in the affected areas should prepare for an early start to a prolonged bushfire season, authorities warn. The east coast of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, as well as parts of southern Western Australia and South Australia, face increased bushfire potential resulting from an unusually warm and dry...

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Severe weather warning: freezing conditions and strong winds to hit south-eastern Australia

08 August 2019

South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales should be on alert as a severe cold front with damaging winds and squally showers moves across the southern parts of the states this afternoon.

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Extreme weather warning: severe tropical cyclones heading for NT and WA

22 March 2019

Two tropical cyclones are headed for the Northern Territory and Western over the weekend, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reports. The Bureau has issued warnings as Category 4 Cyclone Veronica and currently Category 2 Trevor approach the coasts of both regions.

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4 Aussie farmers' real life underinsurance lessons

19 February 2019

If you're in the farming sector, you’re probably well prepared for the everyday mishaps that can interrupt work. A bit of rain, malfunctioning equipment, illness – you can handle it all.

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Queensland under warning as big wet hits

31 January 2019

With the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issuing severe weather, strong winds and flooding warnings for much of the state, Gallagher urges our Queensland clients to stay safe and follow authorities’ advice.

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Queensland weather alert

08 January 2019

Although downgraded to ex-tropical cyclone status, Penny remains a tropical low with wind gusts of 95 kilometres an hour and the risk of reforming into tropical cyclone as it approaches the east coast of Queensland.

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Extreme weather warning: bush fires rage in NSW and Victoria

19 March 2018

Bush fires tore through towns in New South Wales and Victoria over this past weekend, and fire services are warning residents to remain clear and avoid affected areas until the fires are contained.  

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Extreme weather warning: Tropical Cyclone Marcus heading for Darwin

16 March 2018

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning to residents in the Northern Territory as Tropical Cyclone Marcus continues to approach the northwest Top End coast.

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Extreme weather: North Queensland flooding ‘catastrophic’

12 March 2018

Torrential rain, floods and storms in North Queensland have caused the Insurance Council of Australia to declare a catastrophe in the area.

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Breaking news: severe storm warning for Victoria

01 December 2017

The Bureau of Meteorology and State Emergency Service have issued a severe storm warning to Victorians across the state, to prepare for freakish weather with massive rainfall, flooding and lightning strikes. Huge storms have already hit Australia’s south-east and are moving towards Victoria, expected to reach Melbourne in the evening of Friday 1 December, BOM predicts.

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