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5 workplace mental health resolutions for 2021

21 January 2021

Self-care is key to returning to work after the holiday break, whether that’s from home or back in the office. Having control over your mind and the way you think helps you process the world and achieve wholeness in your life. Here we share 5 resolutions worth keeping, from Gallagher Bassett.

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Business case study: 8 effective steps to workplace injury prevention

25 August 2020

In response to identified workplace issues and shortfalls in safety standards this busy product manufacturing business of household cleaning products more than halved the number of claims and days lost due to injury through adopting a preventative program and following the Gallagher Workplace Risk team’s advice.

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Access mental health workplace training for your business

04 August 2020

For every business profitability is linked to productivity, which is dependent on your people. With 1 in 5 Australians suffering from mental health issues each year, according to the Black Dog Institute, costing businesses of $10.9 billion+ per annum, proactive management is essential. Training your organisation’s management team enables them to identify problems and people at risk, and...

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Critical steps for keeping your business COVID safe

27 July 2020

Workplace safety challenges continue to change as COVID-19 infection clusters erupt in densely populated areas, while businesses attempt to return to ‘new normal’ operations in various parts of Australia. Many businesses will be juggling multiple premises and staff working environments, including working remotely (or working from home) and working in a mobile capacity.

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Workplace safety compliance under renewed scrutiny: 4 key updates

24 July 2020

There has been increased focus on working conditions for employees in Australian businesses, partly due to revelations of unlawful practices in some industry sectors, as well as safety concerns triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We highlight 4 important compliance requirements with regional applications for the states and territories concerned, and for businesses operating in multiple...

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Return to the workplace - a business 4 step guide

15 June 2020

As you consider returning your operations and staff to your business’s workplace you need provide for a range of factors and how you will deal with them. Risk assessment and management is essential. This COVID-19 Business Return to Workplace 4 step plan can be utilised by any business, with considerations around your primary mode of trading, the wellbeing of your employees and how your...

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The new normal: returning to the workplace and taking care of your team

29 April 2020

As the rate of COVID-19 infection drops in Australia, the government and business community are beginning to consider what a return to workplaces might look like. 

Until a vaccine is developed coronavirus remains a threat due to its ease of transmission, and this means workplaces will have to adopt new business models. Here are some workplace health and safety considerations to plan for.

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Your COVID-19 workers compensation insurance questions answered

07 April 2020

As the Australian business community faces the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners, managers and human resources (HR) teams are also tackling the ongoing responsibilities to workers and protecting our workplaces.

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Protecting your people during COVID-19

23 March 2020

With the world grappling with its response to COVID-19, keeping your employees safe has never been more important.

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Are your business decision makers covered for injuries or sickness?

06 March 2020

If you’re running a business and have people in key positions who you rely on to help you steer the company, you want to be sure they’re protected if they suffer an injury at work or become ill. But if you operate in Queensland, workers’ compensation actually excludes senior managers, and in Western Australia it’s optional and doesn’t include non-working partners or trustees. Fortunately...

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What are my obligations for protecting my business’s workers?

27 February 2020

You might not think about it if you’re the owner of a small business, but workplace injuries and related illnesses cost billions yearly in insurance claims – and it is a legal requirement to have workers’ compensation insurance. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your business is compliant.

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Assessing the risks in your workplace: A simple guide

18 February 2020

If you own or run a business, managing risks in your workplace is essential to your productivity, profitability and the safety of your people. Here are some suggestions for identifying potential issues and being proactive about preventing them.

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Protecting your business against the spread of coronavirus

30 January 2020

Last Updated March 12, 2020

Does your business have a plan for protecting employees against the coronavirus pandemic? As increasing numbers of cases are being reported it’s important to have a response in place. Here are some guidelines for containment and keeping your business’s staff safe.

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People, skills, key assets in craft brewing

06 November 2019

A good brewer can make or break a craft brewery operation, which is why it’s important to protect your business and look after your human assets.

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Gallagher acquires AHC to become one of the world's largest employee communications companies

03 October 2019

Gallagher today announced that it has acquired AHC (Anthony Hodges Consulting), the award-winning pensions, change and reward communications business, for an undisclosed sum. AHC will form part of Gallagher Group’s UK based communications business.

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Gallagher Workplace Risk again finalist in 2 industry awards

03 October 2019

Gallagher Workplace Risk is once again a finalist for two industry awards in categories the Workplace Risk team won last year: the 2019 icare CASE Awards in New South Wales and the RM Advancer Awards.

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Proactivity is the key to managing employee health issues

10 July 2019

“If an employee is struggling, don’t wait for the situation to get worse,” says Paul Marsh, Practice Leader, Workplace Risk, at Gallagher. “The quicker you move and can come up with a strategy, the better the outcome.”

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Commercial fishing: considerations for risky business

19 December 2018

Some working conditions can be inherently more risky than others. This is the case with the commercial fishing industry, simply because being at sea and subject to weather conditions introduces factors that can’t be directly controlled.

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Protect business productivity: be proactive about workplace mental health

28 November 2018

Business managers may have an enormous blind spot when it comes to productivity – the mental wellbeing of their employees. Here’s why it pays to mitigate this intangible but important risk.

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Apprentice’s tragic death shows importance of timely incident response

22 November 2018

The accidental death of a Melbourne apprentice during a practical training placement highlights the importance of having the right protocols in place for dealing with a crisis.

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